Trends in Paint Colors for 2016

Cyndy is here today to share the up-and-coming trends in paint colors for 2016, and this beautiful palette:Trends in Paint Colors for 2016.

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Now, here’s the lovely Cyndy herself! —-

Hi Remodelaholics and Happy 2016! It’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange back again to talk about paint colors.

We have started a paint color tradition here on Remodelaholic by ringing in the new year by looking at the color forecasts and trend reports from the paint companies for the year ahead.   You can check out our post last year for 2015 here and as we look ahead into 2016, we have some really beautiful colors forecasted that I wanted to share with you guys today.

Today, I’m going to focus on the 2016 color forecast that came out from Benjamin Moore because there is a lot to talk about. I think Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends really sums up (better than any other forecast) where we are heading in 2016-2017 in paint colors.  I do think it helps to look at these forecasts as we make paint color decisions for our homes- not necessarily to follow trends- but to make sure that the colors we choose colors that will have longevity. If you plan to sell your home in a year or two, having an updated color will be very important when it’s time to sell.

2016 Trends in Paint Colors

So here are Benjamin Moore’s collection of trending colors for 2016:


Benjamin Moore 2016 Color Forecast


For a couple of years now, all of the color experts have all been confirming that we are slowly moving into warmer undertones in paint colors and eventually into yellow. Some people will be very happy to know that consumers are trending out of those cool grays into warm grays, warm blues and greens.  Yellow is on the horizon and probably won’t be real-time trending until 2017 but we are slowly moving in that direction.

As we take a closer look at Benjamin Moore’s 2016 Color Trends, you can really see that almost every color in the collection has some sort of warmth or yellow in the base, versus last year’s collection, which was slightly cooler in undertones.  Many of these colors are great transitional colors with a balanced mix of warm and cool and these are the safest colors to use in a home because they will work with almost anything (flooring, trim colors, etc..). Read more about transitional colors here.

Gray Owl is one of the most versatile transitional paint colors out there and I was excited to see it in the 2016 collection:


Gray Owl from Benjamin Moore. 2016 Trends in Paint Colors. Remodelaholic
source Benjamin Moore



Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. 2016 trends in paint colors. Remodelaholic

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore                           source: Niche Interiors


Another great versatile color in the 2016 collection is Simply White, which is also the 2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year:


Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Trends in paint colors. Remodelaholic
source Benjamin Moore


Simply White by Benjamin Moore. 2016 trends in paint color.
Simply White Benjamin Moore                                source Studio McGee


Blue Echo is a new color for me that was also in the 2016 collection and it’s an absolutely stunning blue/green (love the very slight gray in the undertone as well).  I’m willing to be that this color will become a bestseller by the end of 2016:


Blue Echo by Benjamin Moore. 2016 trends in paint colors.

I also love Black Ink, which again is another new color for me and I love that slight hint of warmth in the black. I bet this would be a gorgeous interior door and cabinet color and again, I feel very confident that Black Ink will become a popular black in 2016 because it’s diffused and not too black.  The gray in the undertone takes the edge off of the black:
Black Ink from Benjamin Moore. 2016 trends in paint colors. Remodelaholic
Black Ink Benjamin Moore source Benjamin Moore


I really loved all of the colors in the 2016 collection and I even like the shades of purple in the mix as well.  I do think it will be at least another year (or two) before we actually see consumers trending into true bolder yellows and some of the other colors in the collection.

I pulled my favorites into today’s color palette- that I think are really more colors that consumers are using now.  I think of these forecasts just like Paris Fashion Week.  What we see on the runway in Paris, may not quite make into our daily wardrobes for awhile.  These are the colors I think we are more likely to “wear” in our homes today out of all of the colors in the trend collection:


Trends in Paint Colors for 2016.


By the way, if you’re interested in seeing the 2016 forecasts from Sherwin Williams and other paint companies, I featured more of my favorites over on my blog here.   If you need some extra help in narrowing down a color, you can find my tricks for nailing the perfect color here.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great 2016!!


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Cyndy lives in East Texas and is an artist working with designers to create commissioned paintings that enhance the color and design of a space.

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