Light up my life, I mean Crown Molding; Guest Project

I wanted to show you this fun tip for lighting your crown molding.  it adds a nice glow.  this project was submitted by Robert at  a concord carpenter.  AND by the way he has a giveaway going on for a Bosch Pocket Driver drill, I TOTALLY WANT TO WIN enter today, you have until 5/12.

Installing crown molding lighting in any room greatly enhances a homes decor. Using rope lighting in combination with crown moldings is a great way to provide accent lighting and aesthetic beauty.

In the picture below, the crown molding, was used to distinguish the transition for the barrel ceiling and wall as well as help frame the 1/2 round window. The warm glow draws you in . . . .

Photos: by ConcordCarpenter

Once I figured out the Crown molding spring angle, I used 2×4 stock to make the mounting blocks. A hole was drilled through the blocks to feed the rope lighting.

A laser level made determining level lines easy. The mounting blocks were secured to the wall in two locations – one angled down from the top and the other on the bottom.

Crown molding was glued with construction adhesive and nailed with a finish nailer [over kill] top and bottom using caution to avoid the pre-drilled rope light holes. Rope lighting was installed last.

Because the crown molding does not run the perimeter of the arched room – two sets of rope lighting, and two outlets had to be installed and wired to one switch.

During the framing of this barrel vault I drilled through the framing and installed a pair of 1 – 1/2″ pvc pipe as a future chases for the rope lighting.

Photos: by ConcordCarpenter

Inside adjacent utility closet is switch controlled outlet and rope lighting plug.

Rope lighting effect in daylight.

Photos: by ConcordCarpenter

The rope lighting in the picture below creates an interesting shadow around the 1/23 round window…

Photos: by ConcordCarpenter

Photos: by ConcordCarpenter

Rope lighting similar to this can be purchased at any hardware or electrical supply store. Kits are available to create your own custom lengths.

I wish I had an entry or space like that so I could do this project today!  
I love the soft glowing light it creates!
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  1. >We've done this in our house too. Only we did it around the perimeter of our family room. It creates just the perfect amount of ambient lighting for movies!

  2. >Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm following you back! Love your blog!

  3. >wow, thanks for sharing these photos…i'm about to design a foyer's ceiling so these are perfect…plus the tip of using rope light… I usually recommend linestra halogen lamps for up lights but it's a bit expensive!!!

  4. >The rope lighting creates a wonderful glow 🙂 And it really helps highlight the crown moulding.

    Thanks for stopping by DesignTies and checking out my bedroom makeover 🙂 Just sent you an e-mail about it….


  5. >This is a great idea. But…
    WARNING: Do. NOT. Buy. Cheap. Lights. My husband and I "got a deal" and our bedroom glows like a beer sign in a dirty bar.

  6. >Thanks for the great photos – it really helped me show my mate what's in my head!! Great site and great info.