Little Girls Modpodged and Antiqued Desk

Little Girls Modpodged and Antiqued Desk

Shhhhhhhhhhh remember it is a surprise!!!!!
My best and most favorite work so far. 
I just adore my little girl and when the time came that she needed her very own desk I began the hunt.  No mass produced, press wood/laminate, ordinary desk for my little girl, OH NO she needed a special desk that not a single other person has.  I have looked all Summer at thrift stores, antique stores, secondhand stores.  I knew with such passion the desk would eventually find me, but there was just one problem I had to convince my husband she ‘needed’ a desk in her very small room.  Not an easy task, so little by little, I would talk to him about looking for one and also keeping her room very neat so he could see that there was in fact space for a sweet petite desk.  He called me a few weeks ago to tell me she had written him a letter requesting that he please reconsider letting her have a desk.  How sweet is that, little did she know her mama has been redoing a desk all this time~

Here is the original desk.  I found it at my favorite antique shop just up the road from my house.
I paid sixty-one dollars for it.  I knew that I wanted to paint it white and maybe antique it a little but then I found this blog post and this blog post by Lisa over at Recaptured Charm.  I emailed her and she gave me all the tips and tricks I needed to get started.  Thank you Lisa so much!

You can click on any picture to make them bigger. 


I love the way this desk turned out, my heart does flips every time I sneak out to the garage and peek at it!  I did all the refinishing at work and was going to leave it up there until the day before her party BUT then it rained and it rained ALOT and we have an old roof, a very old roof that leaks and thank goodness I covered the top with a big plastic bag (just in case) because we came in Monday morning and the office was flooded.  I mean really flooded and I ran to her desk with tears in my eyes because I knew it would be wet.  Only the bottom few drawers were a little damp, thank goodness I had gone ahead Friday afternoon and put three coat of poly on the entire desk!  I called my husband and he came and got the desk and now it is home safe and sound.  Yes I said that all in one breath, can you feel the anxiety? 
 I think I may have a few more gray hairs too~

I consider it my best work, every inch of it was made with love for one of the most important people in my life…. my daughter.  She will be turning 8 in three weeks.  

The middle draw:

 The inside of each draw is also papered and decorated with 
 tiny book covers of my daughter’s favorite books, my business card, old photos of her and sweet messages.  I used rub-ons here and there for little hugs of inspiration when she opens the drawers.  Rub-ons are very addictive, I had to stop myself from going over board!

I didn’t paint the inside of every drawer completely because, well, I’m not perfect and either is anyone else. 
 ~I believe imperfection is what gives us character~

The top:

  Some details on the top of the desk:

She loves pigs and has read Charlotte’s Web many times.  I wanted to add many personal details to her desk that she would love, like butterflies, book covers and flowers.  All of her favorite things right there for her to look at when she is doing her homework.


I love the Eiffel Tower because her grandparents live in Paris, TN and they have their very own Eiffel Tower.

 A little antiquing on the edges:

  Detail of the draw fronts:

A few secret messages on the under-side of the middle drawer, complete with her own set of
Ruby Slippers:

A Birthday Message to my sweet girl:

  The words to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

I am also redoing a very brown, very ugly, yet comfortable, old secretaries desk chair.  Repainting and recovering it to match the desk and making a matching bulletin board.

How am I ever going to save this for three weeks, the excitement is killing me!?!? 
I can’t wait for her to see everything.  She is spending the night at her grandmother’s house the night before her birthday and when she comes home on the BIG day her desk will be in her room all ready for her!

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  1. >That is so completely amazing! Beautiful. I think I would like to do the same for my older daughter she is really into theatre and I already have the desk. Would you mind sending me the details of how you did this. I would love to do this for her 17th Birthday.

  2. >I have never commented before on a blog post, but this is just SO sweet, and SO personal, as a mommy myself, I just had to tell you "GREAT JOB!"
    This touched my heart! I'm sure she'll treasure it forever!

  3. >This is so special, she's going to love it forever because i'ts incredible and because you've put so much work into it. I love everything about it!

  4. >I am so happy I saw this…I have wanted to modge podge a small dresser and was not sure how it would look…thanks so much for the inspiration. I am going over now and voting for you….

  5. >I love the desk! I found a desk very close to this on Craigslist (like the before, of course). I can't wait to get my hands dirty and make my desk "new". You did a great job and your daughter will cherish this forever.

  6. >this could not be sweeter! I have a similar desk in an office area which I got third hand. Now it needs love and attention. It would be fun to "fluff" it up with a little face lift. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. >Just now seeing this, THANK YOU so much for the feature!!! Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments.

  8. Hi,
    The desk is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! I just bought a used desk for my daughter and was hoping to revamp it for her 9th birthday in a few weeks. Any chance you could email me the info on how to do the mod podge on the drawers so it doesn’t peel off? I would greatly appreciate your help. 🙂
    Great work!!! Your daughter must have LOVED it.