Little Kitchen – Big Remodel, Guest Project

Kim from The Inadvertent Farmer sent over a little kitchen’s remodel. 
After remodeling the rest of the house they felt the kitchen needed a lift, but money was scarce.
So, they set a tight budget of 750.00, so wow, you really are my kind of remodeler!  Great job guys! 
Check out her site for full budget expense details.
A tiny space just 6′ x 4′, and NO dishwasher!
 I realize that people live without a dishwasher, I just don’t want to.

Before the cabinet interiors were scary to say the least,
but Kim was able to clean them up with some great bead board and contact paper.
They added a covet worthy subway tile back splash, and black granite counter tops.
Removed the existing doors and painted the them all.
Scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed the old hardware and reinstalled it all….
And look, a dishwasher!! Which they got a smokin’ hot deal on.
This actually get me really excited to work on our kitchen,
and helps me to have hope that I can do it all on the cheap!
Do you all have any project remodels to share with us?
Send me an email!

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  1. >Such a good remodel,, I have been working on my kitchen for almost a year now and ,one day it will be finished.. I have been doing the entire project bit by bit… that includes the duct work and electrical in the celiling.. scroll down my blog to see the work in progress.
    oh, also "not one professional has come in to do any of the work", it's been just me!
    I also posted the kitchen on "Rate My Space" with the hopes 'they would take pitty' on me and finish it for

    Great Job!