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I have been putting this post off for about a  week. It brings a mixed bag of emotions. We lost my “gram” this past summer to “old age”….even though she lived 92 wonderful years, it’s still not easy to say good-bye. We were very fortunate  though, that she lived the end of her life with us, here in “our” little compound……which leads me to this post. Before she passed away, we were (well she was watching) working on this built-in bookcase to display all the “blue-willow” china that she had given me. It has been in our family for many generations & has a lot of sentimental value. My goal for this room was to display the china & hang the coats! I know, they don’t really go together but whatever!  We have no closets around here! This room, my husband so lovingly calls, “the year 1 room” is off the foyer/garage & in between the kitchen & family room. It really serves NO purpose but a walk through SO, I filled it with all my “inherited” items, hence the “year 1 name”! Before I start showing you pictures of the before & after, I want to mention that my inspiration for the “barn doors” (see how we made them here – stage 1 & here – stage 2) came from a post that Ashley  did over at the Handmade Home. Ashley posted a picture of these VERY cool barn doors that I wanted! I loved that they slid open on “equestrian” style flat hardware. In the stage 2 post, I talked about how it was going to cost almost $900 to buy this hardware….so I went to plan B.

This was my inspiration picture for the barn doors:
Picture via The Handmadehome (have no clue where she got it!)

This is the built in bookcase before (a complete train wreck disaster area & poor picture due to a 500 year old camera……I got a new one though….see if you can tell the difference in picture quality!):

and this is the bookcase after (with my new camera….although I have no clue how to use it….I set it to auto and am hoping for the best!)061
064We ended up mounting the doors on hinges to save money. I SOOO wanted the sliding door hardware (like in the inspiration picture) but I got the look for $22…..The top black pieces are aluminum pieces that I bought at home depot & spray painted black.  066
And the best part………We have a place to hang coats! YAY!!!!073
aluminum strips
I love my grams china displayed & oh yea, she gave me TONS of books some back to 1850. I put some with the china….thought they would fit right in with the “year 1 theme” front view barn doors
My dad thought I was banana’s when I suggested we put doors here……I showed him the picture & he said, “why do you want to do that?” It was definitely a project hanging them….as we dropped one and it did cart wheels across the floor Sad smile Thank goodness my son or dog were not in the way! After my dads meltdown we finally got them hung! Oh and guess what, now my dad & gramps are taking credit for the doors & design! Seriously……? Don’t forget to check out stage 1 & stage 2 to see how we made them! You made it this far so please leave me a comment below & tell me what you think!
I wish my gram was still here to see the finished project……I wonder what she would think? I think she would be proud Smile! Miss you gram ~IMG_0022

What a lovely display!  Love those barn doors.  Check out some other neat projects:

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  1. The barn doors make the whole unit – it looks great!

    (You are right, there is no good time to say good bye, and you always want one more time to say it).


  2. What a great solution! Definitely “the look” but for less. Smart cookie 😉

    I am sorry for the loss of your grandmother. What a sweet photo you have of her. I’m sure she would love what you have done.

  3. Love your doors! And, the hardware idea was very clever. I’m sure your Gram was so happy that you made a special place in your home for things that she passed down to you. My grandmother will be 95 in May. We are very fortunate to have our sweet grandmas for so many years. I’m sorry for your loss.

  4. wow, this is great and very cleaver of you, don’t let get away with the credit, lol! I know your gramma would have been proud, how could she not? I bet she has seen them and IS very proud. My father died 2 yrs ago age 92…if he’d bee 110 it still would have been too soon so I know what you mean, bless you!