Living Room Redecorated; Guest

Ann Marie From White House, Black Shutters  Just did a bit of redecorating in her living room and I think it looks lovely now.  I love the old pieces, from the window to the 7up crate.  I really like the history it gives the space.  Great Job!  Here is what she did:

Normally my life in the family room, blogging and living, is from the inside looking out  (especially lately with this HUMIDITY and these MOSQUITOS!)
Inspired by some botanical prints I picked up earlier this summer at two different garage sales,
I decided to bring the green of the outdoors into my family room.
A window I saved when we replaced the old ones,
with some accessories found at garage sales.
 image image
A 7-Up crate to hold magazines, remotes, and a vintage milk bottle filled with clippings from the yard.
and since we’re pretending this is a photo shoot for a catalog, lets throw in a weird prop like peppers for no good reason at all:
The pillows were from (left to right) Goodwill, garage sale, ones I made myself, and PB from a garage sale. The coffee and side tables and lamps (although I’m looking for new drum shades) were both bought at a garage sale and painted. A big basket next to the couch keeps toys corralled and out of sight.
The painted window frames and the curtains have really brightened the room.
With a toddler and minus a million pillows, this is how it really looks most days:
care for a flashback to see how it used to look?
image  and the lovely, green, not-so-blah after
for more befores, check out this post 

What do you think about the changes?
Don’t you love the fern prints?

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  1. >Thanks so much for the feature, I'm sooo excited to see my house here on your site!

    -Ann Marie

  2. >I love the fern prints for sure! So beautiful! I also love the 7up crate, old window, old jar with stopper & the flowers! They really are a nice change! Awesome transformation! 🙂

  3. >I love Ann Marie (she's my sister-in-law)! Great guest post!!! Have a great week girlfriend!
    Bonnie 🙂