Nautical Themed Little Boys Bedroom

Nautical Themed Little Boys Bedroom
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Welcome to my son’s bedroom!  Creating this “warm” space for my little guy was such a pleasure!  I adore this room and wanted to share it with you.

The creation of this room started with a well-detailed plan.  I often do a lot of research and write-down/sketch my ideas. I also collect various magazine clippings for inspiration.  Once I have my theme, I begin shopping! 
First in order was paint.  Paint, to me, is so important; it’s the backdrop for the entire room.  It’s definitely a mood setter.  Since I went with a nautical design, I wanted blue walls. In my previous home, my husband and I tried a suede technique and I loved it! Thus, starting my quest for the perfect “blue” suede paint.  And to my surprise, I found it:  Ralph Lauren Suede paint, color: Ventana.

After the walls were completed, my husband added crown molding.  Once it was installed, we added an additional piece of decorative molding just below it.  For a “special” touch, I hand painted a navy blue stripe in between the two pieces.  I really like the look we achieved; it added a little architectural touch to my son’s small box-shaped bedroom. 
My next task, was to tackle the awkward bump out in the room.  I had an extra armchair, so I decided to turn it into a reading nook.  I really enjoy this area; it’s cozy and perfect for reading.

Finally, it was time for accessorizing, my favorite part!  Most of my purchases were either sale or clearance items; which made my son’s room furnished for a fraction of the cost!


I always knew I wanted a nautical bedroom for my little man. A “transitional” nautical space, one he could grow with. A room that felt modern, yet traditional.  And, I think I achieved it.  I can honestly say, this is my favorite room in the house!

Question, What’s your favorite room in the house?

Where did you purchase that?


3 in 1 Crib/Bed:  Burlington Coat Factory
Nightstand:  Coaster Furniture
Nautica Bedding:  Dillard’s Home Store (Going Out of Business Sale)
Nautical Rug:  Pottery Barn Outlet
Grommet Decorative Pillows:  Big Lots 
Grommet Top Drapes:  Walmart (Clearance)
Nautical Wall Flags:  Land Of Nod
Framed Sailboat Art:  Pottery Barn Kids
Wall Oars:  Pottery Barn
Decorative Buoys:  Pottery Barn
Wall Lamp:  JCPenney
Chair Slipcover:  Big Lots

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  1. >This looks fantastic! Love the colors and theme. I keep threatening to go to a Big Lots…now I am going have to do it–love the slipcover on the chair.
    Great job and bet your little guy likes it too.