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Kristine at The Painted Hive has some really nice old school charm with these awesome stools.

Not sure about you, though typographics always seem to catch my eye.
These stools were originally salvaged from an old secondary college (does anyone notice a pattern emerging here – this table and this locker were from schools too) where I assume they were used in the woodwork classroom as most of them have what look like saw cuts, nail holes, chisel marks and the like. Here they are before, kinda uninspired ha?

When I first brought six of these stools home everyone thought I was crazy – myself included to be honest. I loved the pared back industrial feel of them though wanted to add a little something for a unique edge. I wasn’t quite sure what however so they sat in the garage for a while until I finally had a brain wave – these things can take time, you know.

I made three stencils based on text from vintage flashcards (I like my pieces to have some substance so chose the cards – originally used in a school and from a similar era – rather than just picking some design willy-nilly. Don’t get me wrong though, willy-nilly is fine too).

To maintain and enhance the natural patina of the timber, I simply lightly sanded each seat before wiping on a diluted walnut stain which was allowed to seep into all the battle scars, adding some more depth and richness. To finish I applied two coats of danish oil.
I love the extra character the original old screws provide too.

I left the metal frames in original condition.

I recently sold two sets of these stools to a client who has three children and wanted to use three at her breakfast bar and one in each of their bedrooms as little side tables – how cute.

Very nice reuse of old material.  
I love the updated – but antique look!
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  1. >I LOVE these stools. I work in a school, but it isn't "that" old. I would love to find some treasures like you have!

  2. >very nice! i love them.
    i dont think they look too off the mark from the original pic…who wouldnt want to salvage?

  3. >THESE stools are one of my favorite projects! I LOVE that they have history too! Can you imagine how many bored student bottoms have sat on those stools staring at the periodic table!?! I ADORE those stencils too…the perfect touch. I'm in love with all things a bit industrial now too…but because my husband was I science teacher, I can't talk him into those kind of stools…believe me I tried!