Pediment be gone; Molding update

I love moldings, I think they make the house, and while obviously in the picture below they were trying to be grand and impressive, it is maybe… uhem, just a little over the top, So, here is how Heather of Our Life in a Click fixed the pediment without any impediments… (sorry I had to!)  Such a beautiful molding update!

Recently I posted this asking what you would have done with that. 
Well, here’s what we did.  Added a more simple header and changed out the side moldings too.

We also added a coordinating molding over the front door to tie it all together. 


What do you think?  Did we do the right thing?  I think it’s definitely more our style.  
Yes!  You did the right thing, with this molding update 
although I hoped you saved those other moldings to reuse on something…
But, maybe I am too much of a building materials pack-rat!

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  1. >Wow. The pediment reminds me of the tour I took of Mount Vernon!
    It's definitely better after!!!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!