Polished Nickel & Gray Bath with $10 (and Under!) Tile Round-Up

Hello! It’s Kristin from Postbox Designs back again this month to share another budget friendly Mood Board to inspire your inner designer! At my own home we are finally eyeballing our ugliest bathroom (it is a doozy) and coming up with a plan for a remodel. In the new space I want something neutral and polished – traditional but with personality. Sound good to anyone else? So as an inspiration I put together this mood board filled with neutral elements that is full of shine and texture.

I love trends as much as the next designer, but I’ve been designing baths for over a decade-I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. So when you are investing in a bathroom, you want to spend most of your money on fixtures that are timeless and won’t be out of style next season. The places where you can have some fun with trends are: artwork, towels, cabinet hardware, and accessories. But for the biggies, stick with a style you are going to love for ages.

Polished Traditional Gray Bathroom by Postbox Designs | How to choose classic elements for bathroom fixtures, and where to use trendy finishes or decor instead

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Keys to Designing a Classic Gray Bath

1: Floor Tile

I’m in love with the look of these marble hex tiles-they are traditional and classy, but also go with a myriad of different styles. And did I mention they clock in at under $10 a square foot? If you are on the hunt for affordable tile, read on, I created a round-up of 8 Tiles Under $10, starting at under $3 per square foot!

2: Vanity Faucet

This polished nickel Pottery Barn faucet could be your newest family heirloom. It is one of those rare styles that is masculine and feminine at the same time: simply timeless.

3: Striped Rug

This soft gray and white striped rug would be cozy underfoot and still coordinates with the neutral gray and white color palette.

4. Round Mirror

This beauty is from our favorite one-stop-shopping: Target! The simple silhouette and brass frame adds some shine to the space. And at only $50, it is as budget friendly as beautiful.

5. Wall Color

One of my favorite gray paints in the world is Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Owl”, it provides a soft backdrop to every other element in the space.

6. Sconces

I would frame out your new brass mirror with one of these polished nickel sconces on either side. Plus I love that they are adjustable!  You can also try this similar one that is rated for bathrooms in dry areas.

7. Artwork

For all of you non-morning people out there, this cheeky art might help bring a smile to your face first thing! 

8. Vanity

If you are on a tight budget, or a tight time-line, a pre-made vanity is your new BFF. In the real world, it takes a long time to template and install a marble top, but this furniture style beauty is a cabinet and top all in one. It even comes with the sink and hardware-all you have to do is add a faucet. And I already took care of that for you!

If you are falling for this gray and white scheme, check out some more gorgeous bathrooms that show off this neutral tradional style. Keep an eye out for loads of marble tile, polished metals, and gorgeous neutral color palettes:

Neutral Double Vanity, gray bath inspiration
image: Enchanted Home
Gray and Brass Bathroom
image: Erin Gates Design via Decor Pad
Gray Vanity with Wood Mirror, Postbox Designs
image: Kelli Nutt Design
Gray Double Vanity
image: The Lilypad Cottage
Gray and White Bath
image: Jaimee Rose

Need even MORE inspiration for your future bathroom remodel? While on the hunt for my own bath, I came up with my round-up of 8 Tiles Under $10! I would put ANY into my home, but I’m leaning towards #1 for my new bath:

These neutral tiles are gorgeous for any bathroom, and so many styles to fit modern, classic, contemporary, rusic, or whatever your style is | 8 Neutral Bath Tiles for Under $10 by Postbox Designs for Remodelaholic.com

8 Budget-Friendly Neutral Tile Options

Tile sources: 
   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

There has got to be something for everyone in that list! Whether it is one of these tiles, or another favorite, I hope this inspired you to start your dream list for your bathroom. Find oodles more ideas right here at Remodelaholic, plus you can follow me on Facebook where I’m always sharing free design tips and ideas. Would you rather get sneak peeks into my house or other Real Postbox Projects? Then let’s be friends on Instagram! And finally if you ever need design advice, contact me HERE and we can chat!

Designing a Classic Gray Bath Area, aka where to choose classic elements and where to follow trends | Polished Nickel and Gray Bathroom by Postbox Designs for Remodelaholic.com

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  1. Some really wonderful ideas. But. It doesn’t do me much good if you don’t state where to buy the tile, vanity, etc. you mention a paint mfg and color, but what about the other item?

    1. Hi Paula,
      Each of the numbered items is linked to the source; I’ve also just updated the post with more links to make it more clear. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful moodboard! Except the sconces are specifically described as not rated for bathrooms. Any other suggestions for a similar product?

    1. Hi Vivian, I’m so sorry about that! Try this one, it has a similar look (and a fraction of the cost!): The Savoy House “Morland” light. I have used the same brand in my bathroom. When you look at the specifications it still calls for a “dry” area, but it is still rated for a bathroom, as long as it won’t be in a wet area, such as over a tub or shower (Code requires a light fixture OVER a shower/tub to be a minimum of 8′ above the fixture). Here is the link: https://www.build.com/savoy-house-9-961cp-1/s1199620?uid=2870708&gclid=CIDi7pncrc8CFZeEaQodxZcAqg&source=gg-gba-pla_2870708____79802803999&s_kwcid=AL!4215!3!79802803999!!!g!170773834879!