Quick Tricks for Organizing Desk Drawers

Quick tips for organizing desk drawers| Remodelaholic.com

Quick Tips: Organizing Desk Drawers

Quick tricks for organizing desk drawers. Remodelaholic
Hi Remodelaholic’s, it’s Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange, here to share some really quick and easy tricks for organizing your desk drawer and creative ways that you can really maximize space.

Quick tricks for organizing desk drawers to maximize space.  Remodelaholic

One of my favorite tricks for making easy and pretty drawer liners is to cover colorful wrapping paper with Clear Matte Con-tact Paper:
Make drawer liners by covering wrapping paper with clear contact paper.  Remodelaholic

All you need to do to make desk drawer liners is cover wrapping paper with clear contact paper and then trim to fit the drawer. You can add glue dots or double-sided tape in corners to secure the liner:
Use clear contact paper over wrapping paper to make drawer liners.  Remodelaholic

I love to use inexpensive metal silverware organizers because they can be customized by using a wire cutter to snip open sections up to create larger areas for things.  These organizers are only attached at the top so all you have to do is one quick snip on each side and the divider comes right off:

Quick tricks for creative desk organizing.  Remodelaholic

Creative desk organizing. Remodelaholic

Quick tricks for organizing a desk.  Remodelaholic

I especially love the metal silverware organizers for desk drawers because they are usually very deep (unlike traditional drawer organizers) and they maximize space.  The long sections allow me space for scissors and pens and pencils:

Quick tricks for organizing desk drawers.  Remodelaholic

One of my favorite things to use for organizing drawers are these 3-section plexi-glass divider trays found in the closet organizing section at Target ($3.69) for all of my drawers.  Again, these pieces also are deep and maximize space and can be used to store just about anything:

Quick desk organizing tricks.  Remodelaholic

Quick tricks for organizing desk drawers. Remodelaholic


If you can choose deep storage pieces that maximize the depth of a drawer, you will be amazed how many more things you can fit and organize in your desk drawer.
For more of my organizing projects, you can check out my blog The Creativity Exchange here.
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