Reciprocating Saw: Tool box tool

Today I wanted to highlight the first tool of my Top 10 Most Used Power Tools for Remodeling
1. the reciprocating saw
aka Sawzall


 You can cut through just about anything you want with this saw, literally.  It is easy to use and there are many types and lengths of blades that you can buy, depending on the types of material you are cutting through.  It is easy to hold and good for tight spaces.  Tight spaces like cutting into walls at the base or at the ceiling corners.
I have had experience cutting through:
cast iron pipes (like the one that was in the middle of the bathroom)
existing 2×4 walls with lath and plaster
large boards with nails
metal bars
tile floors
floor boards
This tool is hungry for just about anything you put in it’s path and it is fantastic for demo!
For the longest time in the beginning of my remodeling experience, we borrowed one from my sister-in-law.  I wanted to borrow the saw first, just to get a feel for it and to test it out to see if I really needed it.  I find that usually when I have to borrow a tool more than twice, the tool gets put on my wish list and I end up just buying it instead of constantly borrowing.  My sister-in-law was excited to get her saw back, after a year+.
Here is a picture of the current reciprocating saw that I own.
and below are some of the blades that I bought separately in a variety pack for different materials.
My first one was a Ryobi that I picked up at the Home Depot.  I payed about $30 for it.  It lasted for about 6 years, and two house remodels, with almost constant use.  The second one that I bought, pictured above,  was picked up at Northern Tools for around $40.  It has been great so far.  It also came with a carrying case, that always helps to keep the tool protected.
So there you have it.  I have enjoyed having this tool as part of my tool box. 
Happy remodeling!
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  1. >Ooh now i want a sawzall! Actually we always talk about picking one up, but haven't yet. I 'think' it's next on my list…no DH just informed me it's a cordless drill since ours died.

  2. >Thanks for the information. I am just now starting to make some purchases for home redo's and this will come in handy.