Do you guys ever feel stress?

I am sure I am the only one in this little world that does.  ha. That thought is a little self absorbed I am sure.

Well, this is a rather frustrating thing for me to admit, let me explain.  I got my degree in interior design.  I am on a budget, to be clear a TIGHT budget.  I have never actually purchased new furniture (okay 4- $20.00 dining chairs and an faux leather ottoman $90.00, both for cost during my internship)

So, I look at all these awesome design blogs, and then look at my completely unfinished house and feel overwhelmed.  There is no way I can buy a new couch, side chair, awesome fabric, a million other things… yet.

But besides that, even if I can squeeze 50.00 out of my grocery budget to spend on home stuff, I am just swimming with ideas, that I have no idea where to start.  

I have never had a single favorite thing my whole life(obviously besides my husband and daughter… i am talking things).  I have a list of favorite movies, foods and things to do.  When it comes to design I would feel as comfortable in a contemporary feeling home as a clean simple country home.  I guess you could say my taste is eclectic, but I desire some sort of linking element.  I have always tried to do this with color… But I just don’t want to be confined in my color palette.  I NEED color.  There is no color what. so. ever. in Texas during winter.

But I want my house to look, well, AWESOME… without spending a dollar. 

I am not afraid to work, in fact I love to work on my house, there is hardly anything else as self affirming to me as a good long day of housework.  Weird I know.  I just feel such a sense of accomplishment… and it is not usually because my house is clean at the end of a project day, quite the opposite is true usually, rather, that accomplishment is from now having a dimmer switch, a new pair of drapes, and the books are organized by author, finally.  Ah… love.

But, now that I have Etta, I haven’t had a block of two hours to myself for 6 months.  So, my thoughts go from one place to another.  Last night I was laying awake until 3:00 in the morning praying to fall asleep only to have to jot down another idea that just struck me onto the already full piece of 8.5 x 11 paper. 

Do you guys feel this way?

Am I a complete nutter? 

OH, Hey join the party… next post down!!! 

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Cassity Kmetzsch started Remodelaholic after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Interior Design. Remodelaholic is the place to share her love for knocking out walls, and building everything back up again to not only add function but beauty to her home. Together with her husband Justin, they have remodeled 6 homes and are working on a seventh. She is a mother of four amazing girls. Making a house a home is her favorite hobby.

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  1. >Totally! Same situation. I'm not a designer…in my dreams I am, but not a designer by trade. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 and we just moved into a house that is the complete opposite of what we had before. ie: all light to all dark. from cottage to tuscan.
    and I couldn't agree more with the blogs. I mean not only are these bloggers creative, but they don't stop providing such great things. So no, you're not a nutter…unless that makes me one too! I'm ok w/that!

  2. >Yes, yes and yes. I feel this way all the time. I want everything and NOW! But, see, we are lucky us crafty people, because we can take a $20 dresser from Goodwill and turn it into a thing of beauty. At least 50% of the furniture in my house was either given to me or a thrift store find that I rehabbed. I have friends with $1M homes and an endless decorating budget that walk into my home and say "WOW!" They are always amazed when I walk them through & tell them about my dumpster dive entertainment unit or rug or my thrift store pieces. So, don't fret! You can create a beautiful home on little or no budget. Carving out the time will be your only challenge with the baby. The creativity part? You've got that in the bag!

    Enjoyed reading your post today.

  3. >Some of the best pieces for a home, aren't brand new, but old. Antique. Used. You know…

    I searched high and low for a new dinning room table. I looked at so many new ones. They were nice [obviously] but I found the table we bought at a used/junk store. It is an Antique. Larger then all the new ones I had just previously seen [which BTW were selling for upwards of $600.00 or more. HA. Ya right]. We bought the table and chairs for $200.00. I love it.

    You aren't a nutter [lol]. You are being realistic. I am the same way.

  4. >You aren't crazy. Step away from that thought. You are totally normal. It is normal to want it all, to now know what it all is exactly, to want color but not sure what color, to want all new things but cling to older things, and to obsess about a house. All totally normal.
    It is also normal for you to lie awake jotting down ideas when all you want is your brain to stop thinking. That is a side effect of having children. Believe me you'll love all those accumulated pages of ideas later when you have more time and your brain slows a bit 🙂

  5. >I JUST bought a new couch. After 18 years of old,beaten down, hand me down couches. We did have one other new couch but it was low quality and boy did it show it. I totally couldn't afford a new couch, but the old one smelled! Anyway, it's one of the few things I've bought, and i love it and would splurge on it again, but other things I am more than will to work on and take my time with.

  6. >i feel your pain. the internet is a blessing and a curse in the way of home decor–we can get great ideas and inspiration, but we also get to see a lot of amazingly decorated, seemingly perfect homes. it can be really depressing. so many of us are in the same boat you are in. i am sure you, like me, look at magazine spreads of a gorgeous house and think "of COURSE it looks good!! it cost a fortune! if i had that much money to decorate a house, it would look GORGEOUS TOO!!"
    and yes, i also lay in bed at night thinking about projects, and houses and fabric…and maybe a little about winning the lottery too!

  7. >I feel the same way. Finances are tight, but my main frustration is wishing I knew how to do things myself and not knowing how I can learn. I wish I had thought to take woodshop as an elective in college. I wish I knew how to tile, how to drywall, how to do finish work…all of it. Dallas is starting school again in the fall, I would love to take on the unfinished basement as MY project, but I don't know a thing about where and how to start…aaahhhh frustrating!!!

  8. >Cassity,

    No my dear, you are not a "nutter"! You know….Martha Stewart is quoted saying she is "only able to sleep 2,3 and at the most 4 hours a night due to the mind coming up with new and creative ideas all the time". Some people can live that way. The rest of us think it's a little crazy (no offense meant to any all-nighter gals and guys ;-))
    Writing your ideas down is probably one of the first and foremost things any creative individual will do. That is not nutty! In fact, many truly great ideas were lost in the minds of people who neglected to take this one step. Hence, "OMG! That guy/gal stole my idea….I thought about that a year ago"….
    When you write it down you are more than likely to do it. Just know this:
    * A list is a list.
    * You will get these things done in their due time, or should I say, your due time!
    * You are creating your own paper gallery of dreams and ideas which may or may not change over time.
    * Some things on your list may become of non-interest to you….aren't you glad you put it on a list before jumping in and completing a project which doesn't stimulate you or your family's senses?

    You see, by writing things down, you are able to take the time necessary to give the idea "thought". When you do this you end up making the "right" and "sound" judgment of what you love and don't love.

    No Cassity, you are not a "nutter"….unless you mean…"anutter decorating maniac" ;-D

    Enjoy the process…it is soooo worth it. Living in the moment and enjoying the process is what it's all about, whether it be family, faith or decorating…..have faith in "you". You and your 3am ideas are worth it!


  9. >I have a degree in Interior Design too and I think it's a detriment sometimes! The degree doesn't teach me how to make do with very little, it taught me how to spend huge budgets, ya know? A lot of the ladies that have the crafty-genius (which I'm working on… lol) are the real source of my inspiration for my home.

    I'm back in school now after realizing Interior design was not my passion (expensive mistake!!), I'm doing a double major in Math and Business now and have absolutely NO money. None. It's so hard! I'm totally with you on these points… but I find ways to express my creativity, like goodwill finds with change collected over the month.. stuff like that. Hang in there, it'll get easier as your baby gets older, too I'm sure. *hugs*

  10. >Exactamente igual que tu!!! NO, no estas chiflada!! Pero hay veces en que nos sentimos así. Tantas cosas por hacer con tan poco tiempo y poco presupuesto…..

  11. >I totally hear ya! Life gets busy, most of us have tight budgets, and I'm sure you can remember how indecisive I am. At least you like to work; creating and making things on my own is a little scary to me :).

    I feel the same way about deciding which direction to go with decorating and designing. The internet has brought everything to our finger tips and ideas are everywhere. How do we narrow, eliminate, be creative, not spend, have awesome spaces, inspire ourselves and others, take care of little ones, and maintain sanity (not to mention things like making the bed and showering every now and again).

    I guess we just do it. We just take steps and try to do the best we can with what we have. Really a home is where our sweet families are and so what if it's not impeccable and beautiful. Although, I'm sure your home is. I admire your ability to get things done and often by yourself or with your husband. Baby steps right? We have the rest of our lives to continue to beautify and create all we want.

  12. >Thank you for this post, I stay up praying to go to sleep while writing in an already filled, pages falling out notebook! Having a tight budget and a baby (I have twins) while checking these amazing blogs is totally painful! I can't even imagine having an interior design degree so my heart goes out to your overflowing mind and already busy with baby hands. I just wanted to say thank you for this post and for your blog in general.
    I keep telling myself that I will remember this when my kids are grown and I see the new mom at the grocery store or church. Here's hoping I can give her a little love and maybe some time to decorate or create!
    PS: Your little girl is sooo cute!

  13. >Ahhh, motherhood and family. I often silently lament that I haven't had a day off in 6 1/2 years (and might possibly never will again)! But then I have to remind myself there's a time and place for everything and right now it's building little people in a simple home, instead of entertaining big people in a pretty house (and it helps to think those pretty houses belong to 50 year olds–20 more years, there's still hope!)

    BTW, I envy your remodels and love reading your blog (you're like a blogland celebrity, I feel so cool that I actually know you.)