Painting back Door in Texas

Okay, are you guys ready for the second Remodelaholic’s Meeting?  I hope our little “counseling sessions” are enlightening!!

This week I have been working on a bunch of stuff, (which hopefully will be featured on Someday Crafts sometime next week, if I get it to Michelle in time!) and painting like crazy.  I have a few random pictures of my unfinished business. For example, I had some extra paint in my little tray so I thought, “Why not paint the back door?…” after all it was interior/exterior paint. I just slapped a coat up on the back door that was yellowing like crazy.  It had never actually had the moldings painted.

Now if I can just replace the ugly screen door…

We love hearing from fellow Remodelaholics, so let us know what you like about this and leave any questions below in the comments. If you've followed a tutorial or been inspired by something you've seen here, we'd love to see pictures! Submit pictures here or by messaging us over on Facebook.

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  1. >Love the door color.

    Reason number 17383256374 why I can't wait to buy our house. For all the 'remodel' projects I can do! 🙂