Refinished Side Tables With Marble Tops

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Refinished Side Tables With Marble Tops
contributed by Mary @ Apartment TLC

So while Im out and about shopping for our “new”furniture 
a thought keeps popping in my mind “Side tables are expensive”
and me being the cheap-o that I am, the idea of spending more than say 
$10 a piece…had me looking at my always-empty-but-cute purse and saying to myself 
“self…you better come up with something” 

So skip a few weeks and my parents phone me up to
ask if I can take my younger brother to his baseball game
and I agreed and then was up at the butt crack of dawn the following day.
On the way back from the ball field I see a couple of people dropping things off at the curb
and I (being very curious) thought maybe I will find something decent… well I didnt…


On the side of the road were two very nice looking (ok a little beat up) 
side tables with (get this) Marble TOPS! 
I kid you not!!
so of course I did a wicked U-turn that had my brother claiming 
that I at last had lost my mind, and I threw them in truck.
When I got them home and inspected them
I realized that they needed a little TLC (pun intended) 
so I got out my paint brush and some stain and… the rest is history

So above are the original curb-side tables and 
as mama would say “they aint that purdy” 

These are the marble tops, they look SUPER yellow and 
gross next to the chipped and light wood. 

So I took some of this good stuff….

Then I painted it on like this, I did not use primer FYI

This is my comparison shot!

And after 2 coats I got THIS!

Aint it purdy?

The marble looks 10x better now and not so yellow and I left it out to dry overnight
and it turned out fantastic! So when you see a soild
piece of furniture on the side of the road
or maybe a thrift shop? have a little imagination and you may end
up with some treasure of your very own!
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  1. >Wonderful job! I know exactly how you feel about having a little bit of vision when it comes to these projects. 🙂 I feel the most satisfied after finishing up secondhand furniture. 😀 I'm slowly making a believer out of my sisters also.

  2. >I agree! It's amazing when you can turn something old into a gorgeous, usable and chic decor piece. Great job!