Spring Decor Inspiration from Mother Nature

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April showers bring May flowers is how the saying goes, but I think it’s so much better to bring the flowers yourself and skip the rain and waiting for May!


Flip through any shelter magazine or catalog, and you’ll notice one similarity in all the rooms:  flowers.  Whether they are in vases, bowls, pitchers, or mason jars, flowers are a stylist’s best friend.  There’s just something about a floral display–no matter how simple, that beckons a welcome into any room.  Trouble is, not all of us have a photo stylist’s budget.  And most of us would agree that a big fight with our spouse isn’t the best way to get a bouquet of flowers on the table.  Luckily, there are ways to enjoy the benefits of flowers in your home without spending a lot of money or going to couples therapy.

1.  Force Branches.  

One of the simplest, least expensive ways to bring flowers into your decor in the Spring is by forcing branches.  This idea is virtually free if you have a flowering tree in your yard or a neighbor who is willing to share.  Moss Eclectic shares a detailed tutorial on how to get those bare branches to flower early inside your home.

Here at Remodelaholic, Cassity just shared her tips for forcing branches, too.  She provided some beautiful pictures of the lovely blooms you can get from different trees and bushes that you can find nearby your home.

2.  Force Bulbs

Bulbs can be forced to bloom early indoors, too–making them a great option for winter floral displays.  The gals at Our Best Bites provide an easy-to-follow explanation of how to force bulbs for spring beauty you can enjoy anytime.

3.  Grow Wheatgrass

While wheatgrass doesn’t produce any flowers, it makes a lush green swath that  compliments any Spring decor.  Gorgeous in its simplicity, it is surprisingly easy to grow, according to the tutorials at 320 Sycamore and Keep It Simple, Sister.  Both these blogs have excellent ideas for creating fresh spring decor with this inexpensive greenery.

4.  Eggshell Vases

Trust Martha to come up with an easy, impactful way to display your spring nosegays.  These little eggshell vases are just the sweetest things.  Not only do they make lovely, inexpensive Easter decorations, they are perfect for the sweet little bouquets that children are so good at picking.

5.  Framed Vases

One of the neatest fresh floral displays I have laid eye on come from Flamingo Toes.  To better display a growing collection of bud vases, Beverly framed them on a backdrop of chicken wire.  The look is truly shabby chic, and provides a fantastic way to display small, simple blooms for maximum impact.

Do you have a good source for inexpensive flowers?  What’s your favorite way to display flowers in your home?

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