Craft-aholic! DIY Designer Lamp Shade

Today I am excited to show you a project submitted by a friend, Sonja at Craft-Werk.  When she submitted this project I actually squealed when I saw the image, it is that cool.  The idea is so simple, with such a great effect.

Do you remember in December how we had 12 Days of Paper Christmas?  If you’re new here we made 12+ Paper Christmas ornaments.  And one of them was this simple snowflake (looks complex is really easy!!)  Here is the link to the instructions:
Well, she too makes this lovely decoration,
and I guess she was on the same wavelength of just liking what one of the segments looks like:
Because look what she made:
I have loved her blog, she is a recycling designer.  I love that she thinks of ways to reuse things. 
Okay, now after you have made your 12 snowflake segments from this tutorial.
Go check out her blog for instructions on how to make this lamp shade!
Don’t you guys just love this? 
What do you think of her fabulous idea?

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