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My friend Autumn from Design Dump linked this up to our last party and I think it is quite genius!  We all want the easiest way, right?  Well check out what she did to give her daughters bed skirt a little more umph!:  (p.s.  If you want to see some AWESOME! no, SPECTACULAR home remodels, please click over to her site and scroll down her sidebar, your jaw will drop!!)

i am still working on a few small projects for my oldest daughters room.
one of those projects was to add some trim to her existing bedskirt.
the problem?
i didn’t want to remove the bedskirt to add the trim.
(tooooo lazy)
so, i came up with the following strategy…
here’s what i used:
 pom pom trim 
(this is a box pleated queen bedskirt, 
and i used about 9 yards of trim)
fabric adhesive
LOTS (and lots) of binder clips
so, basically, i just applied a thin strip of fabric adhesive to
the bottom of the skirt, and attached a binder clip to help
hold the trim in place until it dried.
like i said, i used a LOT of clips…
about one every 2-3 inches.
when i got to a corner, i applied some glue to  the backside of
the skirt, wrapped the trim, and held it in place with a large binder clip.
my bedskirt has three sections, and so i did this in three stages.
as soon as the glue dried (about an hour), 
i moved on to the next section.
the perfect way for a lazy girl
to add trim to a bedskirt without
removing it. 

Isn’t that such a great idea, it would work for drapes and possibly pillows too!  Any other ideas of where you could use this great quick tip?

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  1. >I love the ball fringe. It really adds that finishing touch. So pretty!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. >Cleaver. Sometimes laziness is the mother of invention. 🙂 I have always been partial to ball fringe trim and black and white are my signature colors so I was smitten from the start.