My Big Fat Greek Salad

Quick Greek Salad Recipe-2
Doesn’t that look SO good.
It is, I promise you.
Justin and I used to like visiting a Greek restaurant in Asheville.  They had a side salad very similar to this.  We loved it so much we went home and made our own little version. So I guess I could say… “the root of this salad is Greek” name the movie, it is maybe a little too obvious!
Greek Salad
Ingredient amounts are relative, I don’t really measure for this, I just eyeball it.
1-2 peeled cucumber, cut in large chunks
1 small sweet onion cut into wedges
3-4 Roma Tomatoes, cut into chunks
1/2 cup Kalamata olives, I like to cut these into quarters to spread them out
Feta cheese
Greek Salad dressing (the easy way)
Mix these things together and I promise you too will love it!
Quick Greek Salad Recipe

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  1. Apollo Flame ? Lived in Asheville for 14 years miss it and good Greek food!
    Your recipe looks Great! I am sure I will enjoy.