Stained Wood Ombre Art

Our next feature for Deck The Walls is a really fun ombre wood stain technique, turned into a great piece of wall art! It looks great in wood tones, but it could also be fun to use my favorite color-wash stain technique to do it in any color, too!

DIY Ombre Stained Wood Wall Art Tutorial

How to Make a Stained Wood Ombre Sign
by Ashley from Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Hi Guys! I’m Ashley from Bigger Than The Three Of Us I blog about DIY decor projects and house renovations (the good, the bad and the ugly!).

I’m excited to be sharing another wall art piece with you today. Today, it’s all about wood and warmth. I’ve always loved quotes. I wanted to mix a quote that I love in a modern, eclectic way. That brings me to this project; an Ombre Art piece featuring a quote.

DIY Ombre Wood Art by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic

This is one of those can’t-really-mess-up-type projects. Gotta love those right?

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Cheap wood (I used 12, 1″x2″x6′ which were $.97 each)
  • Multiple Stains
  • Quote Art (Hand letter your own or buy one)
  • Thin plywood
  • Mounting Hardware


  • Paint Brush
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • Hammer
  • Saw

Your first step is to prep your supplies. If you are wanting to do the ombre look, then gather all your stains. If you are wanting to just have a consistent look, then pick out your stain.

How to do an Ombre Wood Stain by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic

I picked out 6 stains or so that I knew I would use and used them first.

Stained Wood Ombre Art by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic

After those six stains, it was a bit of guesswork trying to get the ombre. I wasn’t looking for perfect, I just wanted something eclectic and fun. I kept going until I finished with all my boards.

DIY Ombre Wood Stain by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic


Once the boards dried, I used a miter saw and cut them in half. Once they were cut, I arranged them from light to dark and then back to light again. From there, I flipped them over. I used a scrap piece of thin plywood and stapled the plywood into the boards. It was helpful to have an extra set of hands here, but you could have also used a large clamp to clamp everything together.

DIY Ombre Stained Wood Art by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic

Flip your piece over and the next step is to paint in your quote.

I laid the vinyl quote cut-out on top and taped it down so it wouldn’t move. Very lightly, I brushed paint on over the vinyl. On this part, it’s important to not glob the paint on. You are painting over multiple boards, so you just want to take extra precaution so that the paint doesn’t bleed.

DIY Ombre Stained Wood Art with Love Quote by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic

Gently peel back your vinyl overlay to reveal your painted art.

Love Me When I Least Deserve It Wall Art by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic

Put your hanging hardware on the back of it and you are ready to hang it.

DIY Love Quote Wall Art by Bigger Than The Three Of Us for Remodelaholic

There’s a few steps to this project but they are all super simple. You could get different looks by using different stains or even by staining some boards and not others. As far as cost goes, be creative with what you have on hand. If you love the ombre, but don’t own multiple stains… ask to borrow from neighbors or friends. You use about 1/4 cup of stain on each wood piece so it doesn’t make sense to buy lots of cans. Just remember to have fun with it and make it your own!

I hope you loved this project and, if you did, you might like my Upcycled Blind Sunburst Mirror or my Master Bedroom that this piece of artwork is featured in.


Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

Visit Bigger Than The Three of Us to see the rest of Ashley’s master bedroom makeover, including her $10 faux bamboo blinds!

master bedroom makeover

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