The best books…

I am always on the look out for good books.

Finding these books can sometimes be a daunting task, I am very particular, not so much about subject, but content. I don’t like smutty or violent things. And, while I read for mostly for fun, one of my lifetime goals is to read all the classics.

My sister Kristen who was/is? attending Gorge Wythe university working on her graduate degree, was telling me about the great statesman of the past. How they had honed their minds with great literature and reading at relatively young ages. This knowledge helped them to found our country. Many of the men were self taught, by studying the great works of the past.

She also told me about the concept of a “complete or whole” novel, and a “broken” novel (and forgive me, I might be a little jumbled in trying to explain this- and may have the wrong names for them but you’ll get my point in one second). In the “complete or whole” novel there are clear consequences based on the characters moral choices. We see played out what ought to properly happen to those that make good and bad decisions. In a broken novel, there are no such consequences. People glorify the physical appetites without any restraint and no consequence.

In the Ensign this month (our church magazine) there was a wonderful article about our “Refined Heavenly Home” I really liked what it said about raising our thoughts, words and choices to a higher standard. But I was struck by this:

“President David O. McKay (a leader of our church) (1873–1970) was inclined to awaken daily at 4:00 a.m., skim read up to two books, and then commence his labors at 6:00 a.m. He could quote 1,000 poems from memory. He referred to the grand masters of literature as the “minor prophets.” He was a living embodiment of the scriptural admonition to “seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom” (D&C 88:118).”

Isn’t that incredible! first of all 4:00 AM- are you kidding me? WOW! I am so impressed!Second of all two books a day? DOUBLE -WOW! Lastly, I am so fascinated with the mental capacity to have over 1,000 poems memorized. I should start working on that today, I started memorizing some scriptures a while back, but failed pretty miserably keeping up with my first plan… I need to try again.

So, after all this rambling thought, I am going to start including some of the books that I have read. Now, I am sure they will not all be classics, and I may find that some books are “broken” but I will also have a label on the books so if you are ever looking for a good book you may be able to find it. I may not be a sharp critic, but occasionally maybe.

With that said, let the reviews begin.

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  1. >I read that and was impressed by the poetry. I love poems and wanted to follow Jackie Kennedy in reading poems to my children and having them memorize a favorite from time to time. I remember seeing John and Caroline in interviews talk about beloved poems their mother would read to them. What a wonderful memory. Needless to say, a lot happened and I never got to do this, but I think you have reawaken this desire. I look forward to seeing what you are reading. that is usually how I pick out my reads based on word of mouth.

  2. >That was my favorite article from the Ensign. It hit me really deep, and I've been thinking about it for weeks. There is much room for improvement in my life.

  3. >I love this idea!! I think I might do it too. I love to read and I'm all about sharing some of my favorites and hearing about other people's favorites. Love the thought about a whole book and a broken book.

  4. >Goodreads makes a widget you can post on the side of your blog. I have one on my blog. I get especially frustrated at "broken" books that are targeted at youth.

  5. >hey guys, whats up? Looks like baby is almost here… yah! It's been a while since we have seen you guys, how is Texas treating you?