Two little miracles…

No, I didn’t just find out I’m having twins. Still just the one(that is hiccuping at this very moment)!
But we did pick up two more feathery children. These ladies are quite a bit older than our babies. We thought we might have to wait a day after their “traumatic” removal from their other home… but they made themselves comfy, and here is what we found.
Now, many of you know that hens lay eggs (old news), but this was just so exciting!! Nothing like it. We went out there to the chicken run to check on water levels after church and when I peaked in they had made a little nest from the straw and there these were. I almost cried… (I almost cry a lot lately) But I just couldn’t be happier. I was smiling fro about 3 hours, I’m not exaggerating!
What fabulous little creatures God has given us! It was thoroughly wonderful.
(side note:
I taught the Laurels class about proper Sabbath day observance, and how in the past Jewish law was very strict, and one funny fact they mentioned is this:
“There was also a question about whether one should eat an egg laid on the Sabbath by a hen which did not know the law. One rabbi permitted it, and another rabbi did not. (See Albert E. Bailey, Daily Life in Bible Times [New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1943], p. 255.)” I thought about this and chuckled to myself as I was washing off the eggs, cuz they are definitely not going to go to waste!)
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  1. >The kids around here are still very excited to find eggs. Everyday is like Easter around here. They have to fight over who gets to get the eggs because we can't fit fifteen kids in the coupe. We ha resorted to drawing names a few times. You would think it would get old after a while but to them it's stil exciting.

  2. >Yay Yay!!! I am so happy that the transition went well and the eggs are coming! It is very exciting to get eggs and I hope you get that joy every day – and more as the little ones mature and add to the bounty 🙂