“The Others” strike again!

That is right, our “Lost Ladies” are slowly being taken by “the others”.
Mostly because they keep morphing into ROOSTERS! Okay, so maybe they were roosters from the beginning, but their manliness was subdued by the other Rooster…. or something like that.
This lovely lady, Juliette, is now Sawyer, James if you will.
James has moved on to greener pastures.
We are suspicious of our last two. Wouldn’t it be funny in a really annoying way,
if our 5 hens, turned out to be 5 roosters? HA HA.
So far, the count is 3 for 5, the roosters are winning.
Here are Sawyer’s last moments on the island, he is strutting around like usual.

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  1. >Dude. That isn't a very good track record! Now, I don't know a whole lot about chickens, but isn't that something you can, well, sort of, um, check on? The whole rooster or hen thing? I mean, do chickens have parts?