The long awaited exhale….

So I am SO sorry that I haven’t been able to blog lately. Especially after our somewhat crazy news of late, but we can all stop holding our breathes because we have a job.

Drum-roll please-

We will be moving to Fort Worth, Texas and Justin will be working for the Jacobs firm there.

We are way excited about the opportunity to live so near our dear friends the Durkovichs, and for the mind boggling low home prices there. But, we will desperately miss all of our wonderful friends in beautiful Asheville. Oh. and just to dangle the carrot for anyone that needs it, we will be living near a huge airport, so please feel free to stop by the J&C Hotel anytime you have a layover in Texas, or extend your vacation here and we would love to show you around Fort Worth.

The reason this email is so long over due is all the crazy work we have been doing on the house. We have been up everyday till at least midnight and many nights a lot longer. Needless to say our schedules are way out of whack! But we are wrapping it up and the house hits the market running on Tuesday! I just need to clean the whole thing, yikes! So I hope you enjoy the next few posts!

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