The Princess and the Pillow; Guest Project Tutorial

We have a quick tutorial that was submitted by Cami at Creating by Cami.

It is a cute tutorial for a pillow that she created for her daughter’s princess bedding.  It is a faux chenille pillow.  It has a nice texture and I think could be a fun process to experiment with. Here is the project:

You can make a lot of fun projects using this faux (fake) chenille method I’m about to show you. I’ve done cute little girl purses, and wanted to try this pillow. I think making faux chenille is also great for new sewers, because of the basic skills and repetition they are exposed to. Anyway, here’s how you make it.
TA-DAA! Just what that cute princess bed needed.

 Thanks Cami for the great tutorial!  
I bet your little girl LOVES her beautiful bed!

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  1. >Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! How cute. I'm bookmarking this page so I can make some faux chenille as soon as I buy a new sewing machine. The possibilities of things to make from this… Thanks for posting. Loving it!