Me time: Creating a She Shed

Today’s post is brought to you buy Fiber One.  All she shed advice and opinions are my own!

Sometimes a mama needs a little space away from the hustle and bustle!!  Like the man caves we have heard about for years- we now have the She Shed!  And I thought I would try my hand at creating and giving you some advice for creating a She Shed!  If you want to see how I took this boring room from Blah to AHH!  Watch the YouTube video here! And don’t forget to subscribe!

Now, I must admit, I didn’t want my space out in a super hot or freezing cold shed.  So, instead I took over a small room, in my mostly unfinished basement to create my She Shed!  So don’t let the not having an actual ‘”shed” deter you from creating a special space to get away in!  Keep in mind, your She Shed does not have to be a dedicated room in your house, it could be a corner of your bedroom.

Now, on to our space!

Here are a couple shots of the before:

She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 41

The main drawback in the space is the small size, and the ceiling.  We won’t overload the space with furniture to help it feel more comfortable.  And as far as the ceiling goes, we are ignoring that for now!  Otherwise, I LOVE the built in as is and the floor is in decent shape (just need to scrub off the paint splotches…)

She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 42

Here is a sneak peek the after. My cat Tiger matches the room perfectly!

She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 43

I REALLY love how it turned out!  I am Super excited!


 Clean it out!! 

You need to look at your space empty (even if that means taking out furniture you plan to use!).   This is important so that you can re-imagine where the furniture will go.  When I started I thought the bed would be on the other side of the room!  But we moved things around a few times til we came to the perfect layout.

  • Fix any problems, especially if this is a shed outside, fix any leaks etc.
  • Now is the time to update finishes if necessary.

Define the purpose

Ask Yourself, why do I need the space?  Why are you using this space?


What tasks do you want to accomplish within the space.  Will this be your painting room, reading space, talking on the phone with your friends space…?  What do you want to do?


Now that you know why you have the space, what you want to do in there it will help you decide what pieces of furniture make the cut to use in your she shed.  I am a firm believer in first looking around the house (and garage or storage unit if you have one).  Use what you’ve got!  No need to buy a bunch of new stuff.  It is easy to create a unified space with a little paint to help dissimilar styles or looks work together.

Comfy seating is a must for me, but don’t think that it means you need a couch!  Go back to a good old daybed, or a stack of pillows…


Lighting is one of the most affordable ways to really control the mood in a room.  That means you will need to add at least 2-3 sources of light. Overhead lighting, lamps, even cute stringed lights would be perfect in this situation!


Make sure the space reflects who you are- not what is hot on Pinterest.  You can use pinterest at a tool to help you define the things you love but don’t let it become a measuring stick for perfection, because none of us can live up to that, and it ruins the fun of creating a space that helps you feel comfortable.

Add Texture-

Don’t forget the importance of mixing finishes.  This is especially important if you are using a monochromatic color scheme!


And one of the fun details you can include in the room is a stash of Fiber One bars.  Fiber One bars are unbelievably delicious, and they help with our daily fiber needs without guilt or sacrifice. The perfect treat for a little bit of “me-time” in your very own She Shed!


And here it is all done!

She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 41

She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 42 She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 43

She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 44

She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 45 She Shed Creating @Remodelaholic 46


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