Top 10 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make (on their own!)

Encouraging your children to make gifts for family and friends can help them embrace the spirit of giving.  There are tons of ideas for DIY kids’ gifts out there, but only so many that Aunt Betty would actually use!  If you want your child to get excited about creating AND giving, but you want your family to get excited about their gifts too, you’ll have to up the ante on homemade Christmas gifts a little.  Don’t worry; there are plenty of fun, simple and inexpensive gifts that will have everyone cheering about this Christmas season!  Read on for our top 10.

Want to give something from the heart this holiday season, but want to give something more useful. The kids will have lots of fun creating these 10 Christmas Gifts even kids can make on their own via @tipsaholic #christmas #gifts #giftideas #kids

10 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make


1. Kid’s Art Tea Towel, Setting for Four – Have your budding artist use fabric markers to draw an artistic family portrait or Christmas scene.  To make sure it’s not too busy and doesn’t clash with other home decor, you could have them use black on a white towel.

2. Painted Cork Coasters, Let’s Explore – Use painters tape to tape a design on cork coasters, then let your little ones paint them as they please.  Remove the tape to reveal the full masterpiece!  Have them do a set of 6 in the same design, or switch it up with different patterns but use the same color pallet for cohesiveness.

3. Craft Stick Bookmarks, RedTedArt – Kids can go to town decorating craft sticks however they want.  Let them use markers or crayons to color and pattern them.  They can glue ribbon or yarn to the ends.  For even more fun, add googly eyes to turn the bookmarks into creatures!

4. Personalized Candles, A Girl And A Glue Gun – Kids can create custom candles by drawing on wax paper cut to candle-size, then heating the wax paper around the candle to adhere it.  Smaller children will need help with the heat gun or blow-dryer, but the creativity is all theirs!

5. Easy Button Jewelry, – It’s a snap for kids to make some fun and bright cocktail rings to distribute to friends and cousins!  All you need are blank ring backs and buttons.

6. Name Subway Art, Imagination Soup – This is a personalized and sentimental gift family members will love.  Have your kids choose letter stickers they like, then place the name of the recipient at the top of a piece of card stock or on a canvas.  Kids then select words that describe the person and spell them out with stickers all around the name – in different directions.

7. Story Puzzles, bugaboo, mini, mr & me – If your little one loves to tell stories and draw, this is a great idea for them!  Have them draw a picture of family members doing something fun on one side of a piece of paper, then write a story about the drawing on the other.  Then they just cut the paper into puzzle pieces and put it in a fun box.  Use contact paper or a laminator for more durability.

8. Fingerprint Pendants , A Girl And A Glue Gun – This adorable pendants are perfect for necklaces or key rings.  Shape sculpey into a heart shape and press a fingerprint into the center.  Bake as directed for a lasting impression of personalized love.

9. Designer Plates, Craft Jr. – Kids can create art that will last forever on dinner plates which can then be displayed or used as platters, catchalls, or key trays!

10. Lego Keychains and Key Holder, Readapta 2.0 – They might need a little help drilling some holes, but the rest of this project will be a blast for little hands to create.  What kid doesn’t love building with legos?!

Kimberly Mueller is the “me” over at bugaboo, mini, mr & me, a blog that highlights her creative endeavors. She especially likes to share kid crafts, sewing attempts, recipes, upcycled projects, photography and free printable gift tags/cards. When she’s not enjoying being married to her best friend, chasing after the natives (AKA her three kids) and attempting to keep the house in one piece, you can find her with a glue gun in one hand and spray paint in the other. Aside from DIY pursuits, she also enjoys writing, reading, music, singing (mostly in the shower) and the color yellow. Kimberly recently published a craft book entitled Modern Mod Podge. You can also find her on FacebookPinterest,Bloglovin’ and Instagram. Email her at: bugabooblog(at)

Featured Image Via RedTedArt.

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