Tribal Inspired Suede Embellished Planter Tutorial

Give your plant pots some style with this easy technique for a tribal-inspired suede embellished planter. Use the provided template, or create your own design.

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It’s Corinna from A Designer At Home here with another contributor post to share with you. Last time I was here I was working on updating our front porch and I showed how I achieved a faux metal finish with the biggest wooden numbers I’ve ever seen.

Now that it’s hot in Virginia, I’ve turned my focus back on projects indoors. Indoor plants are the best as they clean the air and create beautiful living decor. Even better is the opportunity to do something fun with their pots. I’m going to show you how I created this suede trim embellished planter with a tribal inspired design.


Tribal Inspired Suede Embellished Planter

If you can print, scribble, glue and stick this will be a walk in the park. I like to think of this as enhancement, because it makes the planter more interesting. It’s easily the funnest way to get your craft on while also making something awesome for your home. If you want to dive in, grab these few supplies:

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Easy embellished planter idea, plus a free template for this tribal-inspired design

  1. Clean off planter of any debris. Terracotta planters can be especially dusty and the glue can trap that residue once everything sets.
  2. Transfer design to planter by going over the design with a pencil, then flip the paper over and go over the backside of the shapes.
  3. Inspect the transfer to ensure it’s visible enough for step 4 and that it’s lined up.
  4. Paint glue over the pencil lines.
  5. Cut suede trim to fit the lines and press into glue.

The glue should dry overnight. The template is designed to be repeated if desired. One thing I would say about the template is that the shape inside the diamond was a tad tedious to paint and cut out suede to fit. I love it and would do it again, but I thought I’d throw out the suggestion to do triangles instead for ease.

I love a lot of visual interest in my home so I paired it with a metal cut out garden stool, wicker arm chair, and a retro thrifted plant stand that I cleaned up and painted bright turquoise. You could switch up the suede color, or use something striking like sequins instead to work for your style and decor if the brown suede doesn’t.

Dress up a cheap terracotta pot for a custom boho chic look

Tribal Inspired Suede Embellished Terracotta Planter

DIY embellished planter tutorial -- love this style!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it interesting. If you’d like to see more easy how to’s like this one, I would love for you to come visit me at my blog, A Designer At Home. Be sure to check out my “Crushing On” series to get snippets of my style as well as my “How I Made It” series where I share my way of making. Here are a few other posts you should check out:

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  1. You should mention that you cannot actually plant directly in this pot. Terra-cotta is not water proof, so the glue will fail within a matter of weeks when water seeps through the pot