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I really want to turn over a new leaf and show you some of the little updates we do around our house more often- whether or not they are done….  I’ve tried to do this before… I don’t know why I feel like everything has to be done before showing you, but I just have to suck it up and stop feeling that way… I haven’t posted over 70% of what we have done in the last 2 years, cuz nothing gets finished, and then I change my mind & start over so I can’t show you cuz it makes no sense…but no more!


I warn you, I do nothing in order… I get board and move around like a crazy lady!  Okay, I give up, can you tell I am feeling insecure?!  I am just going to have to move on!  So, anyway… moving right on.


I haven’t mentioned the laundry room since we installed the restore cabinets  3 years ago and, they have been painted white for over 3 years now… but you’ve still never even seen them painted.  Oh well, that isn’t happening today either…


What I do what to show you is a fun new rug I just found for in front of the washer and dryer.


I found it via Pinterest!  It is from Urban Outfitters, and it was a screaming deal at only $34 buckaroos!  It is called the Big Garden Printed Rug.  I LOVE the colors!  And since I have to deal with the orange tile, I am trying to make the best of it… fun colors, right?

big garden printed rug


The rug I have had in there is just a Walmart-fall-apart cheapo rug, and the rubber backing has been peeling off in a million tiny pieces and make a huge mess if it ever gets moved.  And don’t even get me started about how messy it makes the washer and dryer when it gets washed… ugh!  And yes, it isn’t pretty… at all.



The biggest issue when it comes to picking a rug for this space is that the door to the garage is so low that any pile rug gets caught, the door doesn’t open and it is just plain annoying… This new rug is a woven and printed rug without a pile and thankfully it doesn’t catch on the door. (a keeper if you ask me!)


The other thing I kind of like… some people may not feel the same way, but I feel like it sort of has a similar feeling to my living room rug.  And so, I took a picture of my living room, at the same time that I put the laundry room rug down, this is what it looked like… (yes I am totally hyper aware that I desperately needed to sweep the floor before taking this picture… and maybe even put the laundry away….maybe, but really who likes to put the laundry away when you had to collect it, sort it, wash it, dry it, re-sort it… who has time to fold it and put it away?)



I still need to get one of those anti-slip rug mats for underneath, cuz it moves too much on the tile… but the girls are loving it… I kid you not when they saw it the ran in there and started dancing… I guess if it has that effect on people then I am okay with that!

IMG_1886  IMG_1888


Kitty loves it too… she broke it in with that crazy cat on drugs rub your face and back all over it like a weirdo thing (I’m just glad nobody caught me doing that, it would have been awkward.)



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  1. The rug is gorgeous. I’m finding I’m really drawn to oversized bright florals lately.
    I had a little giggle reading your opening lines. I do the same thing. I’m always buying new bits and pieces or moving things around though it takes me forever to blog about them (mainly because I never seem to find the time to take a pretty picture of what I’ve done).

    1. I am so relieved to hear that from you Kristine! But you should know that I am ALWAYS inspired but what you show… if you came and designed my house I would be totally happy! When you do take pictures, of what you have done it is always AMAZING! I hope your little baby is doing well!

  2. Love the new rug! I really need to get my butt over to Urban Outfitters, because there is a lamp that’s been calling to me for the past month. It’s funny that you would say that 70% of your stuff never gets shown because it doesn’t get finished, because I just gave you and Justin a shoutout for having it so together and whipping through projects. We on the other hand live in the land of started-but-not-yet-photo-ready projects. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the rug! And the fact that you’re sharing small parts of your personal space. Even if things are never finished! 🙂 I’m the same way. I’m always into a million projects at once!

    1. the caulk is not a bad idea, but the rug is so thin, that it might make it a little uncomfortable…What do you think? (but it is a fun idea, I think I have that pinned too!)

  4. I saw this rug a while back on Urban Outfitters but wanted to try and paint it instead. I started a year ago painting it on my closet floor and still haven’t finished it. Maybe I just need to go ahead and buy it! Love it in your laundry room. Such a great rug!

  5. if you never put your rugs in the dryer and hang them to dry instead the rubber backing won’t come off in the washer like that. also, the rug is great. perfect even.

  6. Loved the rug so much I just ordered it for my kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing your imperfect living room with us..most people looks like that most of the time anyways..thanks for posting cant wait to get my colorful rug!!

  7. I love it!! I might have to copy you and get it for my laundry room too. By the way, I am looking for an ottoman and the one in the corner of your living room picture is exactly what I’m hoping to find. Can you share where you got it? Thanks!! Love your blog!

    1. Alissa,

      I got it 5 or 6 years ago while on my internship, through a vendor the designer I worked for had… (so unfortunately, I have NO idea where you can find one!) SORRY! There are a bunch of great tutorials around for making them, like this one I featured a little while ago!

  8. These rugs are amazing. I love all the vibrant colors. I think whenever I finally get the new laundry room on the go, I am going to look for something similar. It just looks like a happy spot to be! Cheers.

  9. Hi Cassity, The rug really does brighten things up. It’s funny, I probably would have never picked that rug seeing it at the store, but seeing it on you floor I absolutely love it. It makes the room look so cheery.

    You?-insecure? You’re kidding, it’s seems that you have it all together. I’m exactly the same way about showing things and yet that’s what I love to see most on a blog the terrible before and great after. It makes us all feel like maybe I can do that too. Btw – I’m working on my laundry room now too. Crossing my fingers.

  10. I love your rug!!! It’s always so hard to imagine things from an online store, but put in a real home setting really helps. I can see why the girls would want to dance on it- it’s a bright cheery little oasis. 🙂

  11. When I see this, I really want a rug for our laundry room as well. It makes the entire room look so cheerful. By the way I am just like you when it gets to starting little projects, then not finishing them completely (not enough to show them) and then go somewhere else, later coming back and having changed my mind, start over … silly crazy chaotic. But our home still gets better with everything I do.