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Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape In Home Decor

Washi tape (or decorative tape, or Japanese paper tape) has been trending among crafters for awhile now. Why? It’s inexpensive, it comes in every color and pattern under the sun, and it easily adheres to (and spices up) just about anything — frames, candles, vases… But washi tape isn’t just for crafts anymore! Creative minds all over have come up with high-impact home projects using this simple material. The adhesive on washi tape is easily removable, making it perfect for renters or indecisive decorators. Here are ten of my favorite washi tape home decor ideas to get you inspired. (featured image via HGTV)

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Accent Walls

washi tape home decor - striped washi tape wall, Anne KelleStriped Accent Wall | Ann Kelle

washi tape home decor - polka dot accent wall, Fellow FellowPolka Dot Washi Tape Wall | Fellow Fellow

washi tape home decor - create a geometric accent wall, Little Green NotebookWashi Tape Patterned Wall | Little Green Notebook

washi tape home decor - accent wall graphics, RemodelistaSimple Stripe Graphic Wall | via Remodelista

Wall Art

washi tape home decor - gallery of frames, Design SpongeWashi Tape Photo Frames | Design Sponge

washi tape home decor - decorative wall art frame, Pencil Shavings StudioArchitectural Wall Frames | Pencil Shavings Studio

washi tape home decor - cross stitch wall mural, Crab and FishWashi Tape Cross Stitch Mural | Crab and Fish

washi tape home decor - cross stitch wall mural, Sewn StudioWashi Tape Cross Stitch Wall Art (and Free Pattern) | Sewn Studio


washi tape home decor - striped accent door, HGTVCriss-Cross Washi Tape Door | HGTV

washi tape home decor - closet doors, Sweet and Lovely CraftsWashi Tape Closet Doors | Sweet and Lovely Crafts

washi tape home decor - door edges, Design Crush BlogWashi Tape Door Edge | Design Crush

washi tape home decor - door and wall outlinesWashi Tape Door | Tretoen

washi tape home decor - decorate arch or doorway, A Beautiful MessWashi Tape Archway | A Beautiful Mess

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