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Weed like to give you a brand new…..


Did you know that Mr. Remodelaholic loves tools?  I’t true!  I do. Any tool that makes the job easier is a tool on my list to buy.  And I was able to receive a new tool for my yard from Black and Decker this week.

Considering our desire to make life a little easier and a little cleaner we are starting to get yard tools that are environmentally friendly and take no fuel or oil to run them.  I am tired of dealing with the maintenance and cost associated them.  I recently received a sweet new Black and Decker Cordless 24-Volt String trimmer.  Yes! It is battery powered, which is great.  Now fuel or cords to deal with.

The timing could not have been better to receive a new trimmer for my yard.  Happy Father’s Day to me!  The trimmer that I have now is dying and needs to die, before I do from the amount of air pollution that it puts out into my lungs, yard and neighborhood.

Let me share with you what I love about this new trimmer.
These are the main features that I found awesome.


  • High Output 24V NiCad Battery  (good power)
  • Zero Emissions in My Yard!! (seriously you would choke with our old trimmer)
  • PowerCommand Technology (two speeds)
  • Over sized Handle (easy to handle and carry)
  • Lightweight Aluminum Shaft (not to heavy, easy to adjust for height)
  • Two-Tools-In-One (edger and trimmer)
  • Large 13 Inch Cutting Swath
  • Automatic Feed Spool System
The first thing that I noticed when I pulled it out of the box and assembled it, was how light weight it was.  It weighs about half the weight of my old gas trimmer.  That makes it easy to handle around the yard without straining my arms and back.

It did take me a while to find out how to start it though.  I was searching for the on switch when all I had to do is pull the trigger and I was off.  NICE and EASY!  Battery powered also means zero emissions.  My wife was always afraid for my life when she saw me out there trimming in a blue cloud of smoke.  I had to start wearing masks to protect my lungs.  

The High Output 24v NiCad Battery is a huge bonus.  24-volts is a lot of power for a battery.  It has two power levels too, with PowerCommand, to fit your needs whether you have tall grass or short grass to trim.  The other day I had grass up to my waist.  It is perfect cutting that down.  (Our mower died… so we still need to find a new one, I wasn’t slacking on my husbandly duties)

 It has a nice 13″ wide cutting surface that automatically adjusts the string when it gets short, so you don’t have to stop and stomp it on the ground.  It also holds 30′ of line, which is about double the length of standard trimmers.

It is not only a trimmer, but a edger too.  with a simple little twist of the shaft you can change the angle and cut a nice clean edge.  I love tools that have a multiple purpose.  It save room for me to buy MORE tools (insert evil laugh here)

As a teenager I worked with a landscaping company and had my own company during college so I have used many trimmers throughout the years gas powered and corded.  Overall, I think that this is one of the smartest designs for a trimmer that I have seen.  By the way it would make a great Fathers Day Gift for all you shoppers!  

Thanks Black and Decker for your great product!

-Mr. Remodelaholic

Wanna see the before and after?… and when I say before- I mean SCARY!  (remember our mower died, so we didn’t have one for a few weeks, okay technically we still haven’t forked over the money to buy a new one, but our neighbors have had pity on us, and haven’t chased us from the neighborhood with pitchforks and torches!)

Oh, so much better!

 Wanna win one for yourself?  Thanks to the wonderful people at Black and Decker?  

This Giveaway open from today through Saturday June 11th 9:00 AM CST.  Winner announced Sunday!

How to enter:Leave a comment (You must be a follower or subscriber please- this motivates me to keep working on the blog everyday!!)

  • Tell us why you deserve or want a Black & Decker 24 Volt Cordless String Trimmer/Edger?
  • How bad is your lawn? Post a blog post, tweet or facebook with a link to the giveaway here on Remodelaholic and leave the link to your post etc. in your comment.
  • Okay what the heck one more entry because I love me readers!
3 possible entries per person. One for telling us why you need this trimmer,  one for a shout out on your blog, twitter or facebook about the giveaway with a link back.  (we need a link to this please) and finally one more just for fun!

Open to continental US only please!

For those of you that don’t win come back on Saturday for an awesome coupon code!
Happy Trimming!
 Last week started out with a generous Black and Decker 24-volt Trimmer giveaway.  And the winner of the giveaway is comment number 59.  It looks like it pays off to tweet.
Who is …
Here is what her first comment was.
Oh! I don’t know that I DESERVE it…but we sure could use it! We have an electric mower and weed eater, both of which are on their last leg, but the house we currently live in has only one outside outlet. So we have to put like 5 extension cords together (which is a pain and dangerous!!) To reach all of the front and back yard.

Cordless is GOOD!!!

Congratulations Lorie!!!

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  1. >(Just for fun): Have started reading this blog awhile ago… I think I LIVE for before & after pics!

  2. >I just found your site and am now a follower!! I would LOVE this trimmer because I do all the trimming in our yard — but our trimmer is a HUGE and HEAVY gas trimmer that my husband had to have. This one looks like I could handle it a little better!!

  3. >I would love to win this for my handy husband because in the summer our neighbor is away and my husband feels bad because the guys lawn service doesn't do his lawn (and he is meticulous, normally) So my husband does it without him knowing. THANKS for the chance!

  4. >we need this! our garden is a distance from our house, and there's no electric out there. we had to bury 400 ft of irrigation tubing just to have water! the fence around the garden desperately needs to be trimmed.

  5. >Its not me who deserves one, it is my husband. He deserves this because he has said that he wants an edger sooo many times and he tries his best to keep our lawn looking nice. He mows our front and back and always says he needs to trim as well so I KNOW he would LOVE this is we won it for him!!

    [email protected]

  6. >This would be a SUPER gift for hubby!! We have a BIG yard and an old trimmer with a cord. The cord gets in the way and you can only go so far…so a battery, light weight weed wacker would be perfect!

  7. >Hey there I live on a golf course in the mountains of TN, I just donated 8 gas trimmers to the habitat for humanity, they repair them and sell them and it helps their great projects, I am retired and as many knows a fixed income dose not go far. My kids which I have not seen for 9 years are coming to see me this summer and I would love to have this place looking good, the weight of gas trimmers and the not starting plays bad on my heart, thank ya for reading this.

  8. >This would be great for my hubby! We will be moving soon and the new house has a lot of trees. I am an avid follower via Google Reader.

    yhim81 at hotmail dot com

  9. >We don't want this trimmer, we NEED this trimmer. Ours just bit the dust after less than 2 years and is basically unfixable. We'd love to "go green." With your help, maybe we'll be a little closer?

  10. >my dad is getting older and would use this in the yard, he'd kill me for saying that!
    i'm a follower

  11. >Oh my goodness… my husband would love this! It would be SO neat if I were able to give it to him for our anniversary… which is at the end of the month! 🙂