What the Craft! Another Awesome Crafting Space!

Craft rooms are definitely all the rage at the moment and Kellie from This Blessed Nest sent me hers today!  I love the details (especially the blue mason jars)…  Here is her craft room!
All or most of the “before” pics of the craft room (mess & all) are in it’s first post.  You can see Part 1, by clicking here.
This is part 2…
How we did it on a dime, scrap, or from the trash:
The peg board:
2ft x 4ft @ Home Depot for $3.88.
I painted it with a roller 3 times from our left over paint via Benjamin Moore ~ “Oceanfront
I purchased a peg accessory box from Home Depot, used a spice rack to store the craft paint, mini curtain rods to house the ribbon, and had a few flat sided buckets & trays to make it all work.
We used last year’s garden stakes to frame in around the back of the peg board so that it would rest an inch away from the wall.
This cubby unit, I have had for-ever!  It’s an old store fixture.  The blue pint mason jars I found on eBay, & labeled some of the jars with Zinc labels via Melissa’s shop (The Inspired Room’s Open Sky.)
I love the zinc tags paired with the blue mason jars.  Such a great vintage look.
Someone asked me. “Where in the world is your printer?”  So this pic is for you.  It’s just “nestled” in, but it works.  I for one, am glad it is not the first thing you see when you come in the room. ***you can also see the frame around the inside of the peg board in this pic, as well.***
My desk & chair we have had for about 4 years.  I earned the money for both by a 2 day garage sale.  I kid you not!  I love the desk & chair for the classic look.  The dry erase calendar is from Wal-Mart.  The ribbon bulletin board was $2.00 from an estate sale that I jazzed up a bit.
Now…for the cutest little framed pin cushion:
I love how this turned out! The frame is from the Liberty of London Collection via Target $3.99
I think this corner is my favorite section of the craft room.  It’s where vintage meets a little modern with a twist of trash junk to jewel thrown in.  Also, has a little family heirlooms as well. (the cedar library table,  large blue Mason canisters, & my Mom’s retro aqua sewing machine.)
My inspiration board is literally from the trash.  I did a separate post here.
My old boring brass tray table…before
AFTER!  with credit due to Krylon Ocean Breeze Blue spray paint for the table & the lamp below.
The window treatment, (in case you missed it the first time post, because it is worth a second mention) was made by me!!!  It is a NO-SEW roman shade found from Full House by the talented Little Green Notebook
I Am A Child of God poster found here.
This lamp was in the trash!  But I rescued her, years ago.  She has never looked so good. 😉
Here’s the low down on my wrapping unit.  We used a old closet pre-drilled shelving unit that was left from the previous owners of our home.  The hanger rail brackets worked perfectly for holding the rail & scraps of molding we had.  I prefer shorter rolls of wrapping paper, so the combination of everything worked beautifully together.  Plus, I have room for more when my inventory grows.
Down below the wrapping paper is where I house larger rolls of paper or shipping supplies.  It works perfectly for my needs & this space.  Not to mention it was FREE after using a little imagination.
Today, I had the pleasure of showing this room off to my Mom for the first time.  Who is my inspiration, teacher, cheerleader, my best friend, and the best DIY-er I’ve EVER known.  Yet again, I felt like a kid in a candy store showing off all my sweet, cheap, crafting treats.  I think I like this room more everyday, if that’s possible.  Thanks for allowing me to talk about it again. 
Have a lovely weekend!
What are your favorite features of this room?
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