Wooden Spice Rack Transformation

Do you remember this bead project of ours we did a while back?  
Here are a few pictures to refresh your memory.

Well we found another like minded blogger Frugal with a Flourish.
See what she did with her wooden spice rack. 

Forever ago, ok – only in May – but it feels like forever, I got this really cute spice rack for $3.  18 jars and 18 alternate brown caps (in the sleeve on top). 

And in that sleeve was a little message that said ….

Change something to match my decor?  Well thank you little slip o paper!  Don’t mind if I do!  I wanted to turn it into a different type of storage.  So of course, I grabbed my two favorite friends to help with the transformation.  A can of Heirloom White and a can of Black Satin spray paint!  I gave the cabinet base and door a couple coats of of Heirloom White.  Better already. 

I then gave the caps a spray of satin black.  

Ok – want to see the final product???  Check out my new bead storage box!

Ta-da!  Isn’t it adorable in my little “craft center” with my sewing desk, custom cork board and my lovely shelf!  (Pay no attention to the canvas with the flower – that is going away shortly to be replaced by a new piece!)

I just love it!  And the little jar tops came out so cute!!  Aren’t they adorable – I just want to get in and make some jewelry.

I am very pleased with this transformation – even made the little knob on the door black too!  

So tell me – have you ever run across one of these old spice sets?  If so what would you make it into?  

Well isn’t that just a cute display using an old wooded spice rack?

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  1. >This came out really nice. I have not seen a set like this before…. but it's just that I may not have noticed it…so now I will be on the look out.

  2. >Hooray! Thanks for featuring my little project! 🙂 Would you believe there were two of these at the yard sale I found it at? I should have bought the other one too! 🙂

  3. >i actually have a spice rack like this that was removed from our old kitchen that i couldn't bear to toss. it's awaiting a transformation and you've inspired one…thanks for the help!

    judi 😉

  4. >I did the same thing with an old spice rack of my moms! She was going to take it to the Good Will, and I got the idea to use it for some much needed bead storage 🙂

  5. >Ooooh, I wish I had something like this for my buttons.

    Such a sweet way to display your beads.


  6. >What a truly artistic idea! I look at a spice rack and I see a spice rack. You looked at a spice rack and did this! Not only is it functional, it's fun! I love it!!!

  7. >Oooooo!! I want one too! What a great idea, seems like I see these at yard sales often, but never know what to do with them, now I do! Hope I can find one, this is truly a great idea!

  8. >LOVE what you did with that! It could work nicely for buttons too–or bath beads–ooh, i might have just figured out what to do with a small spice shelf i have.

  9. >I would LOVE to find an old spice rack. To hang. And use as a spice rack! So that I could have another drawer empty to use. 🙂