Worth Every Penny

… all 25 of them.

When I first moved to Fort Worth I was on the lookout for good second hand stores. I love thriftingI’ve been doing it since high school. You should see my collection of 60’s and 70’s clothes (me: sigh of contentment)! Anyway after asking my friend Amanda I was told about this awesome store that has 25 cent days. That is right, all thing 25 cents. But she couldn’t remember the store name.

Well, I got busy and pregnant and the store slipped my mind, that is until my other friend Sharla came to church wearing a cute shirt that she had altered. She got the idea from this blog. It was too cute, and I told her the next time she goes I was going with her.
We planned on that next Wednesday. Unfortunately it got a little late and Sharla couldn’t go so I ventured out on my own. I brought home loads of great things including two perfect pairs of slacks for my husband to wear to work (.50 total for BOTH). But, I also got a lot of dresses for my self, because I don’t own any I can feed my baby in. And later I will show the other things I bought to alter.
Today I altered one of the dresses just to make it a little cuter. It was going for the football player look with big old shoulder pads. Seriously, why were shoulder pads ever popular?

There were slits in the back that went a little to high. The front had a collar and longer sleeves.


For the front, I removed the collar, shortened the sleeves and added a ribbon around the bodice and bottom. Then in back, I sewed up the slits. I am going to wear it to church tomorrow.

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  1. >The dress turned out way cute! It looked so good on too… can't complain about something that's just 25 cents!!! Can't wait to see your other finds!

  2. >It looks so great! I love reading about all your fabulous finds and how you alter them into wonderful things for you and your family.

  3. >Seriously. I want to be like you when I grow up. Or I just want to be your neighbor. And very best friend. That is bribe-able with cupcakes.

  4. >Wow! The addition of the ribbon really transformed it (as well as the collar, and removal of the *shudder* shoulder pads)! Very classy!

  5. >So, my comment totally would have made more sense if I had said that YOU would be bribe-able with cupcakes. But it was very late at night… so. Now you have my excuse. 🙂

  6. >LOVE this dress! was it 25 cents? i wish our thrift store did that. they're a bit pricy, so i usually go on the 50% off days.