Party Hard-y!

On the way to the airport, we were lucky enough to stop by my brother’s house and wish my niece a Happy 9th birthday. We ate a nice lunch, watched her open presents, and the kids play a few games and then had MOLTEN LAVA cake! YUM… molten goodness, I should make some right now, or maybe not.

Playing Twister: The first time was a little to easy cuz they were sitting on their duffs, and I was thinking why isn’t this harder, then I remembered they can’t sit down. It changed the games dynamic very quickly.

Musical chairs- they were all dancing around them, it was cute to watch.


Rand found this awesome painting at the DI, which is like a Goodwill store for $10.00!
WOW! I am seriously jealous- it is an original and a really good size.

Here are the girls in Ava’s soon to be finished tree house, it is pretty cool, I wish I had one for myself. But I guess I get to “play house” in a “real” house, so oh well!
This concludes our trip. You may now all utter a sigh of relief.

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