Falling for you…

This Memorial day post is dedicated to my brother Josh! Thank you so much for being willing to serve our country! To serve us each individually, to give us the freedom to live and enjoy our beautiful country free from fear and oppression! We love you and honor you! Thanks to all our friends that have served for us as well.

We decided this Memorial day to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We took a day trip to the Dupont Forest. The are a ton of water falls located there. We saw 3 and really loved how nice it was to take the little hike to see each. We had a picnic at triple falls. It was fabulous eating sugar snap peas and fried chicken with the mist from the water coming in waves to cool us off. We brought Alex along. She was a good trooper and didn’t complain at all, accept at the end when she started to curse all hills!

After our hike we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie and thought it was pretty much as good as The Last Crusade which was my favorite.

Hooker Falls ———————————————– Us ——————————————————

Alex and me———————————————– Triple Falls ———————————————–

Lunch break at the falls————————————- Looking up at the falls ————————————

Trees, and Flowers—————————————— and Ferns oh my! —————————————

Covered Bridge View ————————————— High Falls ————————————————–

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