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It is summer right?  Now is the time to get outside!!  Work on your tan (or do like me and wear SPF 75 with a hat!) and fix up the outside of your home.  But sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, most of us don’t know where to start.  So, I thought I would try to give you some ideas.

1. Clean Up!
First and foremost clean up the trash!
  •  Rake up the beds- old leaves 
  • Take bulk trash to the dump!  (or donate items that you no longer need that are in good shape!!) 
  • Throw away broken items (lights, pots, art)
  • WEED!  Get those darn buggers outta your life.

 I am pretty sure that not many of us would willingly look at this house below (unless you are a diamond in the rough sorta person!)  And it may have a LONG way to go before it would be considered, but simply picking up the trash would have made a huge difference (by the way this was a real estate listing!!!).

2. Add mulch to your beds.  
This makes a WORLD of difference!  If you’ve had mulch in the past but it is looking sorta patchy and worn, it really cleans up the beds, and makes them look fresh.
Also, do your edging!  Clean up the edge of any beds with a shovel, or edger and trim out the line.  This is a free way to make your beds look new and cared for! Consider adding an invisible edging that sticks into the ground.  If you are thinking of resale value I would avoid decorative edgings, since peoples tastes differ.
By the way the mulch will help your plants retain water and may help with weeds!  
So mulch = a greener thumb???  Possibly!
3. Plant some flowers!
To add color AND fragrance!  A beautiful potted flower arrangement by the front and back door is a great guest greeter (say that 5 times fast) for your home.  If you don’t know what flowers to buy, ask for help at your local nursery.  And when in doubt, stick with a monochromatic blossom theme.  It will make your beds and pots look clean and the flowers will always work together.
4. Paint your front door and mail box.
This is what my Asheville house door looked like and I think the pictures speak louder than words
(I forgot to take a before of the front door, but the side door was exactly the same besides the doggie door)
This was a $3 dollar makeover, and about 20 minutes… just paint it!
(we obviously hadn’t added our mulch yet… although we did, soon after that!)
5. Add some cool house numbers
They don’t have to be expensive (as proven below!),but house numbers can really add to the style of your home.
Need some other ideas?
Are you on Pinterest?  Check out my Pinterest account for more great ideas. 
 I even have a board for home exteriors if you just want to see some pretty inspiration there!!
If you need some Realtor leads please check out the link.

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