Home Sweet Home on a Budget: Awesome Laundry Rooms by Bloggers


I’m on Pinterest a lot–I love collecting ideas and inspiration there.  When I’m on Pinterest, I’ve noticed that along with the dream kitchens and hair tutorials and cute dogs that get pinned, there are tons of “laundry room inspiration pics”, like the one featured above (via Houzz).   It seems like everyone dreams about having the perfect place to wash, fold, and iron their clothing.  I sooo get it–just check out all the laundry rooms I’ve been pinning to my Laundry and Storage Rooms board, like this one (via Tumblr):

I think anyone responsible for doing a family’s laundry would be thrilled to have spaces like the ones we’re all pinning:  spacious, bright, equipped with custom cabinetry and a gift wrapping station and….I could go on and on.

The reality for most of us, though, is that unless we get to design and build a home of our own, we’re probably sorting socks in a room that’s not quite so pretty.   I’m betting that most of us do our laundry in a place that has one or more of these characteristics:  it’s a small room barely big enough for the two big appliances, you have to walk through it to get someplace else, it lacks storage space, and/or it’s in a windowless basement.  Am I right?

So what’s a gal to do if she doesn’t have the funds to knock down a wall and bang out a gorgeous laundry room addition?  Turns out, there’s a ton of stuff you can do to make your humble laundry room look and work great.  Check out all these laundry rooms designed (or redesigned) by bloggers like you!

Cameras and Chaos 

HGTV Bloggers

Savvy Southern Style

Simple Lovely

The Handmade Home

The Idea Room

Sweet Pickin’s 

The Idea Room

Just a Girl

Pretty Handy Girl

Dimples and Tangles

I Heart Organizing

 Amazing, what you can do with a little creativity, a few 2×4’s, and some paint!

During the month of August, let’s agree to try to love our laundry rooms for who they really are (gulp!) and do a few things to make them look and feel their best.  At the end of the month, I want you to come back and show off what you did, at the Laundry Room and Mudroom Linkup, August 31-September 2.  Woohoo!


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  1. says

    I have pinned TONS of laundry room inspiration pics! I’d love to remodel at some point and get new machines. There’s something about a pretty space that makes even the most mundane tasks (doing/folding laundry) much more pleasant.

  2. says

    Love them! I always find it peculiar that I never see w&d stacked…mine are stacked and I LOVE it!!! Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. says

    Yeah, these are still amazing in comparison to my reality of a laundry room. It’s a closet with literally just enough space to fit my washer & dryer, plus you can’t open the folding doors and still open my dryer all the way. :) But these are beautiful.

  4. Karen says

    Wow, these are great, but still so large! Neither of the 2 homes I’ve owned have had half that amount of space. Any pins out there of really tiny laundry rooms or even laundry closets like we have right now? And how about for those of us who still have top-loaders (and aren’t likely to upgrade anytime soon) so we can’t have a nice countertop above them?

  5. Lisa says

    These laundry rooms are still pretty big compared to ours! We have a nook almost the exact size of the washing machine (no dryer). Many hours on pinterest later, I added a simple shelf above the washer to hold soap, clothes pegs and the iron. Some cute art and a coat of paint later and it’s actually decently cute and very functional now! 😀

  6. says

    I’m working on my laundry room down in my smelly basement right now… if I can make that look good by the link party than anyone can! Can’t wait!

  7. sheila b says

    wish i were lucky to just have a ‘boring’ walk thru or even a small room. my laundry is in a closet w/a bi-fold door. i do however have a stackable washer/dryer to make way for a laundry sorter. i did paint the walls, but you just can’t see them 😉 on the bright side i’m thankful to have a laundry closet… beats going to a laundromat.

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