Framing A Large Bathroom Mirror


We wanted to show you how we  framed our large bathroom mirror.  Now that we showed you the raised up vanity, it’s finally time for the “how we gave our mirror a custom look”.   We had big plans with the mirror that we were looking at earlier in this post, but with the time constraints of the move we had to make some modifications.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (1)


framing a large bathroom mirror

So far with our park house master bathroom we’ve shown you the quick before post where we made a few upgrades to live, including ripping out the carpet and painting the floor.  After living without flooring for a few years it was time to tile the floor, then we updated the existing vanity by adding 6 inches in height. 

For the framed large bathroom mirror here is a list of the tools, materials and total cost of the project.

List of Tools used

List of Materials and Cost

  • (1) 1x6x8’ MDF board – $8
  • (2) 1x4x8’ MDF boards – $12
  • (7’) 4-1/4 in. x 1/2 in. MDF Crown Molding – $13 (we used scrap molding we removed from our kitchen cabinets)
  • (1) Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive – $6
  • Grand Total $219  (mostly the cost was the lighting!)

Here is the bathroom before we did anything at all.

<KENOX S730  / Samsung S730>

Don’t you just love the little helpers.  The first picture is just after we raised the vanity.  I removed the light and the the mirror to get started.  The munchkins are so fascinated with playing in the water.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (6) Framing a large bathroom mirror (9)

With the mirror on the floor, kitty and Etta had a little fun.  It’s always fun to have kitty around in pictures. She loves to be part of the blog.

Kitty did get a little scared seeing herself in the mirror and decided to run and hide behind it. 

Framing a large bathroom mirror (3) Framing a large bathroom mirror (2)

 We have noticed lately that Etta really loves the mirror. We find her in front of them occasionally, just watching herself make faces and giggling.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (5)Cassity decided that she wanted the mirror to hang above the vanity.  Before it was resting on the vanity, and you couldn’t see any of the wall.  That little 1 inch gap made a big difference to me in the final look!

We used the same hardware that it was hanging on before.  One problem that we had was trying to glue the frame on the glass flush where the hardware was.  Because it stuck out, we had to notch out the frame where the hardware was to allow the frame to sit flush against the mirror. 

Framing a large bathroom mirror (12) Framing a large bathroom mirror (10)

 I used my multi-tool for this and it worked perfectly.  Here is the notch in the frame.  We planned it out so the frame sat level on the notch to help hold it in place.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (11)

We used mirror construction adhesive, to glue the frame to the mirror, on the bottom and the two sides.  The frame overhung the mirror on either side by about 2 inches.  We also nailed the frame through the over hanging portion to make sure it stayed in place.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (13)

Here is the bottom in place and the sides going up.  You can see below that we hung the frame over the mirror edge about 1 1/2”.  This helped to hide the edge of the mirror, without adding more trim on the edges.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (14)

Framing a large bathroom mirror (15)
Framing a large bathroom mirror (17) Framing a large bathroom mirror (16)

Now that the sides and bottom were in place.  We were able to set the top frame in place.  With the top frame, we screwed it in place near the top and where the new lights would go.  By screwing it and not gluing it in place, this allowed us to still get to the original electrical box if needed in the future.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (19)

Framing a large bathroom mirror (20)

With the top frame in place, it was time to add the crown trim. 

Crown molding is like icing on the cake.  It makes everything look so much better.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (21)

Here is a picture with the new lights in place.  You can see here, that with the lights hanging down below the frame, it its like adding twice the amount of light, because of the reflection in the mirror.  This was so much better than the light fixture that was there before.

Framing a large bathroom mirror (23)

And now the final large bathroom mirror framed, painted and put back together!

Framing a large bathroom mirror (1)

Here are some other ideas of framing a large bathroom mirror.

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And if you decide to take out the mirror and replace it, these are great ideas for reusing the removed mirror!   How to make a floor mirror, blinging up a floor mirror, door floor mirror, Trumeau mirror.

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  1. says

    I think this is a VERY clever solution for not only making the mirror prettier, but adding more light. I think it would also be a great way to provide a lighting solution for those of us whose light boxes are NOT centered with the mirror, and who are sick of those race-track-style lights!
    Your whole bathroom remodel is beautiful.

  2. says

    What a great upgrade! I am going to pass this along to my mom and dad — they have several of these floating mirrors in their bathrooms and what a difference it would make if they were framed out like this! You did a beautiful job, and I love all of the white, too!

  3. Lori O says

    Did you put in new junction boxes for the new lights or run them off the old light? Couldn’t tell from pics. Would love to do this with our kids bathroom.

  4. Suzanne says

    Beautiful job! Love the fact that you incorporated the lights right into the mirror frame~~wish I had seen this tutorial before we redid ours or I would have attempted the same thing. Question~~our mirror/frame adhesive has horrible adhesion power and keeps pulling away from the wall. Could you tell me the brand name of the mirror adhesive that you used?

    Many thanks!!

    • says

      It is liquid nails “mirror adhesive” But we also added some nails to the portion of the frame that hangs over the mirror to make sure it is nice as secure! Hope that helps a bit!

  5. Tim says

    You must add new junction boxes. It’s against electrical code to make a junction box hidden without access. Unless new wiring was run from switch or power this will not pass code. And in the new days of so many do it yourselfers inspectors are starting to look for things like this.

    • says

      It does have access, like it says in the post in the post, you can remove the whole top panel of the frame, we did that on purpose. I do understand what you are saying though.

  6. Tami Dean says

    Is there a way to dress up a mirror with a frame or anything without it being as permanent? My husband and I are renters, but we still want the apartment to feel like home. We are allowed to paint and drill holes as long as they are less than the size of a dime. Any suggestions?

    • says

      You could build a large frame and hang it over the mirror, and attach it at the top with “L” brackets and screw those to the wall above the mirror…. off the top of my head, that is what I might try.

      • steve says

        this looks great and we are considering doing the same. One thing that I’m unclear on from your description is how you covered the gap that would have been created between the moulding and the wall by overlapping the moulding over the mirror glass. Did you have to cut a pocket or groove in the trim pieces to accommodate the edges of the mirror?

        • says

          We chose not to, we just allowed for there to be a gap. It was only visible on one side of the frame, and since the wall behind the frame is painted the same wall color and the mirror was painted cleanly the 1/4 gap looks fine, Like any other picture you would hang on a wall, there is just a small space, no big deal. (when we nailed, we did add a filler piece of wood, behind the frame to keep the frame flush and laying flat but that was not visible from the side)

  7. Evie says

    THANK YOU for this remodel! I have always wanted to remodel my bathroom and this is perfect. Even my husband said, ” I can do that!”

  8. Brenda says

    I love this project and want to try it in our master bath but am a little intimidated. You make it look so easy! Yours turned out great. And I love the wall color. Do you know the name/brand? Thanks!!

    • says

      Brenda, it was Behr, but it was a mis-mixed $5 paint. You could try Sherwin Williams Chip it plugin on an image that you like of the color and see if they have a similar swatch! Good Luck!

  9. Julie says

    How did you do the lighting? Through the MDF? Looks like you ran 2 wires through the original light location at the center of the mirror. How did you anchor the light fixtures…to the wall or to the MDF???

    • says

      Okay well the best way to do it, is to run some new electrical wire to two new light boxes in the wall. But you will still have to secure the lights to the MDF because of the height difference.

  10. Nathan says

    On the side of mirror where y’all went a couple inches over to cover the edge of the mirror did y’all put trim or just caulk it up? It looks great!

    • says

      Nathan, there was just a little gap, and we decided not to fill it. The wall behind it was painted all the way under it so looked just fine and was nice and clean. Hope that helps!

  11. Michael Wells says

    I love this project. I have a question though. I see you glued the frame directly to the mirror and let it over hang the 1 1/2 inches on the side. I am curious as to how you dealt with the gap between the wall and the frame.

    Thank you for the great project idea,

    Michael and Lisa Wells

    • says

      Michael, Actually the gap looked fine so we left it. I painted behind the mirror before we replaced it, so the gap looked just like a framed picture you have hanging on the wall would look anyway(if that makes sense). I figured that caulking would look TOO mussy. But if it really bothers you, you could use a small quarter round…

  12. Sherri says

    I looked over your list of supplies and am confused. Are the boards on the sides and bottom 4″ wide and the top board 6″?

    • says

      Erica, it was a mis-mixed paint that I bought for $5.00 I LOVED the color too. Sorry that I don’t have a name or recipe. You might try Chip It by Sherwin Williams they may have a similar color to match it to.

  13. Lindsay says

    Where did you get your cute turquoise accessories? (P.S. I was married in the SL Temple too. Cute pic and cute family!)

    • says

      Lindsay, Thank you! I LOVE those pictures too! As far as the accessories go I got them all over the place. The blue glass bowl is from Sam Moon Home in Texas, and the little bird too. The towel I think is from Walmart. The soap dispensers I got at TJ Maxx on clearance.

  14. nancy says

    Great tutorial and the mirror is awesome! I was curious about the electrical portion of the post. One original fixture and then did you splice it? How did you hang the fixtures? Off of the mdf at the top? I am thinking about doing this in our bathroom and want to make sure I dont cause any fires! Lol!

    • says

      Nancy, make sure that you have an electrical box behind the new light fixture and you can get to the original electrical box. I made my fixtures so that it can all be taken off to get to the original box.

  15. Laura Gray says

    Love the idea! I also have old mirrors that need a frame. Wondering how to have them cut smaller without transporting them, we have a truck, but how would you transport a mirror without damage? I’m guessing y’all bypassed that by moving the mirror up a bit?!

    • says

      Laura, you could transport it on a cushion under a piece of plywood and drive carefully, to a place that you could have it cut. And yes all we had to do was raise ours up. We are glad that you love it.

  16. Crystal says

    I love this tutorial and am highly considering doing something similar with my bathroom. I can’t tell you how much alike this vanity is to my current vanity…. even the lighting.

    A couple questions:

    1) Can you get by without a miter saw? Could you use the Multi-Tool to cut through the wood if need be?
    2) Did you raise the mirror from its original location?
    3) Did you need to create an additional socket for the electrical (for the two pieces of lighting), or could you run the electrical out of the one, original socket?


    • says

      Crystal, good questions. Answers: 1) yes you can use other cutting tools. Just cut a nice straight line and sand the edges. 2) Yes we raised it up slightly. 3) We used the existing switch. Just make sure to have an electrical box behind your light fixture for the wiring. If you know an electrician it would be best to talk to him though.

      I hope that helps. Good luck!

    • says

      Amber, it was a gray mis-mix paint that we found for $5. Unfortunately we don’t have a name for you. We love the color though!

  17. Jennifer C says

    I stumbled upon your post on the sidebar of something else I was reading and all I have to say is, it is truly a blessing!!!! I have the exact mirror and have been dying to frame it! I put similar light fixtures above the mirror, but never did I picture doing it this way! Thank you so much for sharing this! This is also my way of saying I’m using your idea, lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  18. Courtney says

    What size is the mirror you worked with? I’d like to know what size MDF I’ll need for my project. This looks amazing! Great job!

  19. Linda says


    I have the same mirror and vanity in my master bath and love how you framed the mirror. I am curious, in addition to raising the vanity, did you also paint it — or is that a new vanity?


    • says

      Linda, we raised up the countertop on the existing vanity and painted it. The existing vanity never moved. It was an easy fix. Thanks for the comment.

  20. Joy says

    What did you do about the small gap between the wood and the wall? I assume that there is a small one since the wood was glued to the mirror.

    • says

      Joy, I talked about this in the post, but I just left it. It just looks like a picture frame hanging on the wall, it isn’t offensive at all, and the paint went under the frame so the line was nice and clean. I was afraid that when we got into patching it and caulking it, that because our walls are heavily textured, I would have never been able to have a clean paint line, so I just left the gap as is.

  21. Kristi says

    The project looks amazing, and I’m excited to start a copycat of my own :) my question is how did you do the corners of the crown molding? I can’t seem to figure that part out. And did you end up painting the frame once completed? Or your molding just happened to be a perfect match with the MDF?

    • says

      Kristi, we pre-painted the moldings before they went up in place. I also had to glue the corner of the crown molding in place, because it was so small. You have to miter the crown corner for a small piece. There is a picture of me gluing the piece on. I hope that helps.

      • Glen says

        Well, like everyone else I’m going to do the same thing. My question is what size (thickness) were the firing strips that you used? Also for all the electrical questions, just goto your Home Store and get 2 round “old work” and 1 square “old work” junction boxes (these are the ones with the tabs). I like most just had a wire sticking through the wall to power the old light bar. Use the square for your center split to the other rounds. I did have to cut through one stud and just used a 5/8 spade bit to drill the hole for the wire. I’ll try to embed a picture.

        • says

          Glen, about the firing strips, if you are refering to the frame thickness they are 5/8″ actual thickness. If you are talking about the spacer behind the frame, it was about 1/2″. It just depends on how far off the wall your mirror sits. I hope that helps!

  22. Kim says

    We have almost the exact same set up in our bathroom including that light. I love this idea and would like to do this, too. Was it difficult to rewire one light for 2 lights? (An electrician I am not)

    • says

      My hubby has done a lot of electrical work and we’ve worked with several electricians over the years…. I think in order to be safe, it might be best to get the help. But the work is not too hard, you just need guidance the first few times you do something. (often times we get help for our electrician friends and trade them for work)

  23. Wendy says

    Hi, question about installing the frame. How did the bottom molding stay in place while it dried? Did you use tape? I did this once before, but rested the molding on the backsplash so it wasn’t an issue. I’d love to raise it up.

    • says

      Wendy, the bottom frame is sitting on the mirror hardware that is holding it to the wall. I also nailed the ends to the wall, because they overhung the mirror. You could use tape if you have too, as well.

  24. Nora says

    Completely inspired by this! Would you mind sharing your painting process? I apologize in advance if I oversaw a previous post that explains this!

  25. Jennifer says

    Justin and Cassity,
    I love your blog! You guys are so talented! Can you please tell me how you made your vanity look so good? Is it oak? I’ve hear that it’s not a good idea to paint oak, so I’ve resisted my urges to paint. But your work turned out so nice that I’m wondering if I should reconsider painting mine. Is there a trick to it? Have you ever regretted painting oak?
    Thanks for any advice you can give me, and thanks for all your posts! I love reading them!

  26. Bree ONeil says

    Really wish you would have put the shims in the list of materials. Maybe I’m an idiot but we went to do this to our mirror, didn’t realize we needed the shims till too late and now have to wait till the home improvement store is open tomorrow to finish… pretty sure you never even mentioned shims…

  27. Mike says

    Can you tell me how you ran the wires to make one light into 2? I have the same set up an would love to do something like this.


  28. says

    alwayus i used to read smaller articles or reviews which also clear their motive, and that is also happoening with this piece of
    writing which I am reawding now.

  29. tosinx says

    Wow! Have to redo a client’s bathroom and this just comes in handy. The mirror us a floating one and I’d love to throw a nice frame around it. Thanks a great deal.

  30. says

    Brilliant! So glad I found your blog. Love it. I have no questions because I actually read all of everyone else’s and your replies. Cassity, not only are you talented but also have the patience of Job. Thanks for sharing this…going to try it. If I blog about the before and after, can I add a link to your site?

  31. says

    I’m in the process of framing my bathroom following your instructions but noticed that the MDF board you listed as 6″ wide. The light fixture will sit on the board with a 5″ round mount, how did you find space to fit the crown molding and leave space on top and botton of the light mount? The top board looks twice the size of the 4″ bottom and sides… Thanks…

    • says

      It has been a while, but the crown is only overlapping the board by about 1/2″. Just enough to nail it to the mdf. If you need to go a little wider, you night need to by a wider board. I hope this helps. I would love to see a picture of your final frame when it is done.

  32. Judy says

    I also have an identical situation. My mirror has been glued in place. I am changing out the counter top on my cabinet and not raising my cabinet.
    Do I have to remove the mirror to do the framing. In reading your comments it seems that the only reason that you did remove your mirror was because you raised your cabinet? Is that correct?
    I didn’t think about putting the larger board at the top with crown. It just makes it more beautiful. I have 9′ ceilings, so I would prefer to install the light above the frame. do you think that would be too high? I will choose a similar lightfixture to yours.
    I can’t believe how fortunate I was to see this post. Not even sure how this happened to pop up but it did.

    • Cass says

      What good DIYing fortune that this popped up when you needed it! Yes, if you’re not raising your vanity and your mirror is at the height you want it, there’s no need to remove the mirror to frame it. Thanks for the comment! We’d love to see pictures when you’re done!

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