20+ Green and Blue Area Rugs You’ll Love

Since we redid my sister’s living room last year (complete with new beautiful hardwood floors!), we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the rug, which was one from a few years back that I used in *my* living room in Texas originally:

Love the rug in this living room! They give sources for tons of great green-blue area rugs like this! @Remodelaholic

That beautiful paisley-style green-teal-blue area rug is from the HGTV line that Shaw produced but…

…it appears to be discontinued. We could only find it listed here on Overstock — and out of stock. Triple sad face 🙁 🙁 🙁 We will keep searching, but in the meantime, we scoured the web to find some other very similar rugs for y’all, with similar color tones and/or patterns. So we’ve got turquoise, teal, aqua, lime, and paisley coming out our ears now! Which one is your favorite?

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20+ Green and Blue Area Rugs

See the links below each image for each rug’s source(s)

Beautiful blue area rugs! I love the combinations of the teal, aqua, lime, blue-green spectrum on these rugs, with the paisley and ornate patterns.
sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4


Some of the rugs we chose have similar paisley-esque patterns; other are more mosaic style, or floral, or even stripes! We were looking for rugs that would have the same colorful but not so boldly in your face kind of colors and patterns.

Top picks for green and blue area rugs, patterned, paisley, striped, floral. Great picks! @Remodelaholic
sources: 5 // 6 // 7 // 8  // 9 (or here)

Some of the patterns are more classical, a la Oriental rugs and ikat… others are more freshly modern, and geometric. Really, we’re just super indecisive and wanted to share ALL the pretty aqua and teal blue area rugs we could find 😉

Top picks for green and blue area rugs, patterned, paisley, striped, floral. Great picks! @Remodelaholic
sources: 10 // 11 // 12 (or here) // 13 //  14  // 15

I love area rugs with colors and fun patterns, but sometimes the patterns are too bold and loud and take over. These green and blue area rugs have more muted tones so that you are adding color without taking over the whole room (which can make it hard to decorate around a rug that you LOVE).

Top picks for green and blue area rugs, patterned, paisley, striped, floral. Great picks! @Remodelaholic
sources: 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 (or here) // 20 (or here)  // 21

What colors and patterns do you love most for your area rugs?

If you’d rather DIY than buy a rug… try these!

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  1. The links only take me to the site, such as Wayfair, not to the actual rug I want to purchase:(

    1. Hi Loraine,
      Which rug were you looking at? If the rug is no longer carried at Wayfair, the link will just take you to their general site, but if you’ll let me know which one you wanted, I will see if I can find it for you!

  2. These colors and designs are right in line with the look
    I’m going for in our Great room!
    Since my husband won’t let me put in an area rug over the carpet, or his new tile under the dining area, I’m going to bring in similar fabrics in pillows and placemats, tissue box covers.
    Currently shopping for new sofa, or perhaps sew up a natural canvas slipcover. The prints are in a bin. Ready to add soon!

  3. HI Crista – just discovered your site and I’m really enjoying it! I am looking for a rug for our shore house remodel. My new couch is between a teal and a denim blue – having a hard time finding a rug to go with it (It’s crypton fabric Prato Teal from Calico Corners). I love the #10 rug above – but link takes me to Wayfair and not the exact rug, so I’m guessing it’s no longer available through them. Do you have a name for this rug, I can source it from another vendor? I can’t wait to dig in and look at the rest of your site! Thanks so much!