10 Cold Weather Layering Essentials

10 Cold Weather Layering Essentials - Tipsaholic.com


Think fashion ends with the frigid temps? It can definitely be difficult to stay fashion forward when you’re more concerned about frostbite!  Even though your needs change with the weather, your day-to-day style doesn’t have to freeze. A few wardrobe staples will warm things up and get your fashion back on its feet. Here are 10 cold weather layering essentials to get you through the winter months.

10 cold weather layering essentials - tipsaholi.com

1) Skinny Jeans

Why you need them:  A nice pair of jeans is that clothing item a closet simply can’t do without. Plus, skinnies fit so close to the body that there are no inconvenient gaps or wide legs for cold air to blow into.

How to wear them: Choose a go-with-anything color, dark blue or black, and they’ll go with any other color. Dress them up or down — tuck them into dressy or casual boots with a sweater, toss on a pair of flats, a t-shirt and cropped jacket for a lunch date or pair with a drapey top, heels and statement earrings for a night out.

2) Cashmere Sweater

Why you need it: It’s a super soft, warm staple that can mesh with almost any bottom — skirts, printed trousers, skinnies or leather pants.  It can make you appear pulled together in an almost preppy way.

How to wear it: Choose a neutral color — gray, beige, nude, camel or navy are no-fail options. A crew neck that is slightly fitted and hits at your waist is perfect for layering with just about anything. Try it over a collared oxford shirt, chambray button down, soft cotton t, long blousey top,  or under a blazer.

3) Super Thin Long Sleeve T

Why you need it: It’s a great way to easily add a bold color to your outfit. It comes in handy in nearly any season.

How to wear it: Put it under a chunky knit sweater with slacks or jeans. Layer under v or crew neck cashmere sweaters.  Add warmth by wearing under a sweater dress.

4) Chambray Button Down

Why you need it: It’s this year’s replacement for the common white button down.

How to wear it: A chambray shirt in a light color and classic cut will work well with almost anything. Dress it down with dark skinnies and a bulky open sweater. Dress it up with a maxi skirt and 3/4 sleeve blazer.

5) Bright Coat

Why you need it: During cold months the first (and sometimes ONLY) thing people see will be your outerwear. Make it fun! A bright pop of color is eye catching and makes a statement. It can also be the perfect piece to complement a neutral-toned outfit.

How to wear it: Over everything!  Make sure to throw on a scarf with a great print.

6) Knee-High Boots

Why you need them: They keep you warm and dry while making nearly any outfit chic.

How to wear them: Leather or suede boots in black, brown or tan are perfect worn with almost any other color. They’re great for tucking in your skinny jeans, leggings or printed straight leg pants, but are awesome paired with tights and skirts as well. The sky’s the limit as far as options here — flat styles are perfect for casual looks while stacked heel versions amp up your outfit. Buckles, fringe cuffs, zippers and laces — when done right — can add a lot of texture and interest. Straight and sleek or slouchy versions are both in style.

7) Knit Sweater Dress

Why you need it: It’s a cozy option for when you’re sick of pants.

How to wear it: Form-fitting styles are more dressy, while there are also more laid-back versions for casual wear. Layer it up — wear tights or leggings, throw on a bulky infinity scarf, wear a blazer or fitted jacket to the waist. Pair your dress with knee-high boots.

8) Printed Scarf

Why you need it: There’s really no better way to add color and texture to a winter outfit. Bright, vibrant colors and fun patterns lend interest while keeping you warm. Plus, they’re a relatively inexpensive way to update your outfits.

How to wear it: When tucked into a winter coat it completes a look, while layered over bulky sweaters or long-sleeved button downs it can boost style-factor. What’s more, you can get scarves in nearly any print, color and “feeling” — from whimsical and cute polka dots, to super trendy chevron, to artsy and free-form “watercolor” type styles, to the classic and chic animal print.

9) Tuxedo Blazer

Why you need it: It’s a great cold-weather coat alternative that’s dressy and modern. It’s not as masculine as a boyfriend blazer and looks more polished than a leather jacket. When a casual bulky sweater won’t do, this jacket goes the distance.   

How to wear it: Pair it with a gown for uber dressy occasions. Wear it with a blouse and shorts or a skirt. Wear matching slacks and make it a suit!

10) Leather Skirt

Why you need it: Leather is perfect for cold weather – it keeps you super toasty while looking sophisticated and sleek.

How to wear it: A leather skirt in black or brown can be paired with all different hues and styles of tops — from blousey to fitted, long to cropped. Put on a long sleeved t and a fitted, pull-over sweater for a casual feel.  Wear a flowy, sheer blouse and a blazer for dinner out. Leather skirts are so popular now that you can find them in an array of styles — from mini to midi, straight and elongating, a-line, pleated, etc. There’s a leather look for everyone with any body type!


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