10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

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The weather is cooling down and the bare legs and bright colors of summer are starting to feel a bit of a chill. As summer draws to a close, you may be wondering what items to pull from storage and what you should buy new to transition into a fabulous fall wardrobe. Follow our basic guidelines and start with these 10 fall wardrobe essentials and you’ll be on your way to a stylish autumn season.


The basics

Deep, rich colors and pieces for layering on cooler days are essential to the fall wardrobe. Earthy fabrics and knits bring warmth to a cold season, and subtle metallics and leather also make a comeback this time of year.


1. Long sleeved tees

Perfect for layering, long-sleeved tees will keep you warm and add depth to a fall outfit. Blacks, grays, and creams are good colors to start with and can be layered under some of your more versatile warm-weather clothes if needed.


From Merona at Target


2. A pullover sweater

A pullover can be a lifesaver when weather suddenly changes. Choose close-knit styles for a tailored look or bulkier knits when you just want to cozy up with a good book and your favorite cool-weather beverage.


From DKNY at ShopBop


3. Boots

This one is almost self-explanatory, but there are many styles, heights, and colors when it comes to boots. Choose a pair or two of favorites like ankle, knee-high, or mid-calf boots and switch things up depending on the weather!


From Wrangler at Free People


4. Leggings and tights

Leggings and tights come in a huge variety of patterns and colors. There really is something for everyone! The bare-legged styles of summer may not be warm enough for the fall months, but a good set of leggings can extend the life of some of your favorites, and tights make any skirt — and even shorts — more practical.


As seen on Twenties Girl Style


5. A scarf

Another accessory worth stocking in many colors and styles is definitely the scarf! You can still wear scarves made of sheer fabrics during autumn, but can also start to introduce bulkier, warmer varieties.


As seen on Liz Marie Blog

6. Cardigans

Cardis are another versatile essential for the fall. They can be found with or without buttons, long-sleeved, ¾ sleeved, colored, patterned, with hoods, and in all kinds of fabrics. For a staple, go with a neutral color that you can get a lot of wear out of, but if you have the budget for a second cardigan choose something fun!


As seen on Top Shelf Clothes


7. Leather

I could be more specific, but if you choose even a single leather item for your closet this year, you’ll be on the right path. A leather pencil skirt, pants, or a jacket are great additions to any outfit.


As seen on DDG Daily


8. A loose blouse

You just can’t go wrong where a blouse is concerned, no matter the season. Plus, they’re perfect for pairing under a cardi or pullover if it turns extra chilly.  For fall, choose darker, rich colors (try jewel tones) or creamy neutrals.


As seen on The Student’s Wife


9. A sweatshirt/hoodie

There are going to be gray, drizzly mornings this autumn when you wake up and think one thing – comfy. Those are the mornings to don your favorite hoodie and jeans. But a comfy outfit doesn’t have to be a frumpy one! Go for a more fitted sweatshirt that flatters rather than covers your curves.


As seen on Arrows and Apricots


10. Metallic accessories

If you’ve got your other essentials hanging in the closet it’s time to add some bling! A little bit of metallic jewelry will go a long way in jazzing up your basics and you can start to look for clothing with built-in sparkle as well. Keep it subtle at first – bronze, gold, brushed metallics – then slowly kick things up by adding in more silver and sparkle as the weather cools.


As seen on Because Shanna Said So



Other items to consider:

  • The sweater dress

It screams retro, and retro is in. Pair it with leggings or some fun patterned tights.


  • Boot socks

They’re not really socks, but that’s what makes them so great! A boot sock is a cozy little band, often knit, that rests around your leg, just inside the top of your boot and peeps over the top. This gives the illusion that you are wearing a long sock, but you don’t have to deal with all the bulk in your boots!


  • A blazer

Blazers in neutral colors or preppy plaids are a great way to add fun to an outfit and they work well with scarves. Pair one with a blouse and a pair of jeans for a classy casual look.


  • A vest

Keep things on the slim side (save the really puffy vests for winter!) and layer a vest with your favorite tees, button-ups, or sweatshirts.


  • A good pair of sneakers

Remember those mornings we talked about where comfy will be your go-to? Sneakers are another perfect fit for those mornings. Consider all the options – chucks, high-tops, classics… there are plenty to choose from, whatever your style!


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 Featured image via Top Shelf Clothes.

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