8 Easy Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator and Freezer

8 Easy Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator and Freezer - Tipsaholic
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Organize your refrigerator and freezer and you’ll reduce food waste, prepare meals quickly, and clean faster. Take the time to organize your refrigerator and freezer with these eight tips and you’ll find yourself smiling every time you open the refrigerator door.

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Categorize food in clear plastic bins

Putting things in bins is always a great organizing tip and your refrigerator is no exception to this rule. Unpack all of your food, especially kids’ snacks, from their packaging and organize them in clear plastic bins. It’ll be easy for you and your family to find what they want to eat. It’ll look great, too! This organizing trick works well with soda cans, just make sure to grab plastic bins that are designed for cans like this one.

clear bins

Put extra condiments on a lazy susan

Do you love your condiments? Most people store their condiments in the doors of their refrigerator, but maybe that’s not enough space for your collection. Organize your refrigerator and freezer by adding a lazy susan on a shelf. Store the rest of your condiments on it and you’ll be able to quickly find what you need by just rotating the lazy susan.

lazy susan

Get extra space with cabinet shelves

Instead of stacking your plastic containers on top of each other and having to unstack them every time you need something that’s on the bottom, use cabinet shelves to gain extra space in your refrigerator.

wire racks

Another idea is to use a corner cupboard organizer and put it in a corner of your refrigerator. Put your leftovers or your packaged lunches on your shelves and grab what you need without unstacking anything!

corner organizer

Store opened wine with a wine holder

If you like to drink wine, you can easily store leftover wine in your refrigerator with this stackable wine holder. This organization tool prevents your wine bottles from rolling around in the refrigerator or taking up space in the shelves on your refrigerator doors. They would also work great for water bottles and glass soda bottles.

wine holderUse bowls to hold fruit

Round fruit, like oranges and apples, can roll around in refrigerator drawers and become bruised as a result. Grab a few bowls and put them in your refrigerator to hold your round fruit. Very simple and clever! Bonus points if you use pretty bowls in bright colors.


Keep it clean with refrigerator liners

Make clean-up even easier by using refrigerator liners, such as these fridge coasters. Instead of scrubbing the plastic drawers and compartments in your refrigerator, simply lift up the fridge liners and wipe off the dirt. You could also make these DIY refrigerator liners using placemats.

refrigerator liners

Freeze soup in freezer bags

To save space in your freezer, put soup in plastic freezer bags and lay them flat so you can stack them up. This is much more space-efficient than using bulky containers. Put freezer labels on them to keep track of the contents and the expiration dates. You could simply use masking tape and a sharpie to label them. If you’re not sure when your frozen food will expire, check this guide to expiration dates for frozen food.

freezer bags

Write on the refrigerator or freezer (yes, really)

Here’s a cool idea: you could write right on the refrigerator or a deep freezer with a dry erase marker to keep track of the food you have in there. Another idea is to paint your freezer (or refrigerator) with chalk paint and write on it with chalk. Fun and practical!

write on fridge

What other ways do you organize your refrigerator or freezer? For more organizing tips, check out Organizing Your Kitchen and Tips for Organizing Your Garage.

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