12+ Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

This week I’ve been preparing for an activity at church for the women.  Sp last night, I taught a little lesson about budgeting then we made some budget gift ideas.  It was really fun and we had great attendance, so yeah!  …and next month is already planned, so I feel so much relief that it is over.

So, while I know it may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but if you want to make homemade gifts, time is of the essence.  Because we all know it just gets busy during this whole season, and December seems to just fly by!  So here are 12 ideas that I love for gift ideas!

Sorry if it is heavily geared toward women and children.  It is hard to find great ideas for men… so if you have any let me know!

AND I am not sure I will be able to limit this to 12…. I have been pinning great ideas for months!

For your hubby/brother/father/male friend:


1. Men’s crocheted beanie free pattern here.  I really like the wavy pattern and the colors on this.  Definitely not too girly  (although a girl could wear it!)  2. Bleach Pen t-shirts, technically this could go either way, but I think it would be a fun idea for a guy’s gift.  I found the t-shirt image here, and the instructions on Family Fun Magazine.

3. Doesn’t that look so wonderful to see all the tools all pretty and ready to go… In our house this would last all of five minutes.  But thanks to Martha, we all have dreams of our garages looking like this.


For your mother / girlfriends / wife / sister:


4. Beverly always has the greatest jewelry tutorials.  You really must go peruse here site.  You could probably make your whole homemade Christmas just from ideas on her blog.   5. We made a sugar scrub at our activity last night.  It is pretty cool cuz you can make one with items from your pantry.  I like this one from Stephanie Lynn a Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub.


6. I love this simple purse from I think Sew.  I would be totally happy to get something like this, I am pretty sure I am not alone in that statement!   7.I absolutely love this watch band featured on Country Living, you could try making one yourself… and if you don’t want to they are for sale on Etsy.


8. I love crochet… (and I don’t know how to knit yet, so…here is another crochet pattern)  Are these not the cutest slippers you have ever seen.  I love them!  I want to make them.  Here are links to the first and second slipper.  And both shops have baby slippers available too!


9. Another great idea from Martha, I love this braided leather belt, and it would be an easy gift idea for a tween to make.  10. Also these sweet velvet belts and fun and useful!


For girls:

11. I think I need to make Etta and Lydia some of these headbands, and I love that they are double sided!  Free pattern!


12.  Last year for Christmas I made Etta a Katy Kitty from Mmmcrafts.  After Lydia was born I made them both a Molly Monkey and I love them.  This is also a free patter, and has great clear easy to follow instructions.  She also has a ton of other great patterns free and  for sale in her shop.  (this could also be a boy monkey!)  13. This is such a cute little stuffed animal good for boys and girls.  I love him!

14. Yet another beanie!  But a teeny-beanie! Oh man, this picture almost makes me want to have my third already… almost.

For boys:

15. This is my friend’s shop.  She showed us how to make these and they are so cute.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have all the boys in your family with matching ties!


16. Ins’t this just so cute!  I need to make them for my daughters!  But this little hoodie would be so perfect for the little dinos in your life too!  17. And wouldn’t these little mittens go perfectly with that hoodie.

For Friends / Co-workers / Neighbors:


18. This DIY Sundae Kit is almost to cute to eat, almost!  19. I love this cute packaging, and i can tell you I would also LOVE those chocolate cookies!


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