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On the list of items we needed for Elie’s room was a headboard.  Since I am cheap, I was hoping my husband could just make one from plywood, instead of having to buy one!

I loved these from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, but wasn’t quite planning on spending $900+ for a bed!

I showed these inspirations to my husband and asked if he thought it was possible to cut the shape out of plywood.  He thought it was possible & agreed to go to the hardware store for supplies while I tried to draw & cut the shape out of a piece of wrapping paper.
To create the shape, I unrolled a piece of wrapping paper as wide as the headboard would be.  Then, I folded it in half & drew half of the shape.  Then I cut it out, while folded, to create an even template once unfolded.  (Unfortunately, it got thrown out before I thought to take a picture!)
Next, I gave this drawing to my husband who traced it onto half a piece of plywood & then cut it out using a jig saw.
Then, from the other half of the plywood, he cut the same shape again to create a 2 inch piece of trim (see below).
He nailed this to the front of the bigger headboard piece and added a wooden decoration to dress up the front.  Here it is all put together:
Here are a few more pictures once it was painted & installed:
I like the way it turned out.  Easy on the eye, & at about $25 total, very easy on the wallet!

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