12 Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Hallway Decor

Hallways are one of the hardest areas in our homes to maximize potential of and decorate into something we adore. Whether it’s the size, the layout, the location or something else that makes it difficult for you, we believe the hallway should still be a space that you love! We’ve shared ideas for decorating your hallway before, but when the folks at Chadwicks sent us this infographic all about making the most of your hallway, we like the ideas and wanted to show you some inspiration, too.

12 Ways to Make Your Hallway Decor Work

Hallway Decor - Functional Furnishings

Functional Furnishings

It’s very true that you can maintain a clean, organized hallway while still creating storage space. Just get creative!

Use a narrow console table (via) to add storage without blocking the passageway.

Use a slim console table in the hallway.

Put your corners to work — a coat rack tucks nicely into a corner, or build a corner bench and matching shelf to make a mini corner mudroom. Build a Mini Mudroom Corner Bench and Shelf with Storage @Remodelaholic

Seating works double duty in this hallway niche.

Add a cubby bench for seating and storage in the hallway

These tips still provide your hallway with the open feeling while offering convenience and personality.

Hallway Decor - Work Your Wall Space

Work Your Wall Space

Going vertical provides storage without using floor space.

Many people have at least one person in their family who leaves a trail of personal belongs from the door to any other room in the house. A functional hallway “drop zone” is a great way to let them “drop their belongings” as they enter, but in designated place.

A wall-mounted unit for shoes provides the perfect drop zone — and colored crates are so fun! (featured here, via)

colorful crate mudroom, TheVerden

An overhead pigeonhole shelving unit with hooks below gives plenty of space without obstructing the hall. (featured here, via)


Use your hallway as an organization station! via Positively Splendid (featured here with other great command center ideas)

hallway family command center, Positively Splendid

With these convenient tips everything will have a place and it won’t be on the floor! It’s always such a great feeling when everything has a place and now it will!

Hallway Decor - Stealthy Storage

Stealthy Storage

Hidden storage almost feels like a deep dark secret, but somehow if it’s organized, it’s no longer dark, it’s just a secret. These forms of storage are a great way to keep things out of sight and out of mind.

Install a slim cupboard or cubbies behind the door — or even a stealthy mudroom like Jenna Sue Designs.

behind the door mudroom area, Jenna Sue Designs

These DIY rustic wall bins would be a great fit as well!

building plans for rustic wall storage bins, Remodelaholic

Add hooks or boxes to the back of the door, like this DIY back of door shelf (tutorial here)

How to build a back-of-door shelf 17 - Wilkerdos on Remodelaholic or these easy-to-build wall pockets for inside a cabinet door (free plans here). BHG back of door storage

This is perfect for a closet, too, to create a mudroom space like An Inviting Home.

coat closet mudroom An Inviting Home

Turn your staircase into drawers — not for the faint of heart, but such a smart use of space!

staircase drawers
via Apartment Therapy
storage stairs Tiny House Lucy via DIY House Building
via DIY House Building
stair riser drawers vai Wood Magazine
via Wood Magazine



Creating organized storage spaces doesn’t just give you a place for your things, it also maximizes your space, giving you more options and more room.

Hallway Decor - Capitalise on Cupboards

Capitalize on Cupboards

Maximizing your stairs for their space is a great way to give yourself more storage room and keep your hallways clean. Instead of throwing away the space under the stairs, open it up and use it for décor or storage. Built in drawers and dividers under stairs are also becoming more popular as they add character and use out of an otherwise wasted area, and again, give you a way to make the most of your hallway space.

Remove the door from the cupboard under the stairs to more space, and storage (image via BHG)

storage pantry closet under the stairs via BHG

Install drawers under your stairs. Love this! (via Traditional Home)

under stairs drawers Traditional Home

Use under-stairs compartments for storage and organizing. (image via Shelterness)

67 Mudroom And Hallway Storage Ideas

As we said before, we want every space in your home to be a space that you love and the hallway is no exception! With all of the possibilities, you should figure out how you can fall in love with your hallway today!

Make the most of your hallway - how to decorate and accessorize your hall to be beautiful and functional
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