DIY Wall Mounted Pot Rack from a Shallow Display Cabinet

Every homes has its quirks and unique features — which for some owners are a considered perks, while leaving other owners scratching their heads and wondering what to do with the space. This is especially obvious most often in kitchens, where dated features that were once amazing are now cramped or unused — but not for long when a creative DIYer moves in! Liz is our guest today, and she’s here to share how her son and daughter in law transformed a shallow display cabinet that they weren’t using into a very useful wall mounted pot rack:

DIY Open shelving on-wall pot holder with beadboard by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

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Inspired to make your kitchen space work for what you need? Here’s Liz with all the details of this smart wall mounted pot rack:

make a wall mounted pot rack with beadboard and hooks to replace a dated shallow display cabinet, SimpleDecoratingTips featured on @Remodelaholic

DIY Wall Mounted Pot Rack from a Shallow Display Cabinet
by Liz from Simple Decorating Tips

Working with both a minimal budget and space, my son and daughter in law created this DIY wall mounted pot rack with beadboard.

DIY Open shelving on-wall pot holder with beadboard by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

Hi, I’m Liz from! I’m super excited to share this DIY wall mounted potrack with you for a couple of reasons… First, because I’m thrilled to be a guest over here at Remodelaholic… and Secondly, because it was my son and daughter in law that built this pot rack, so I get to brag a little! 😉

I am an interior designer, (turned blog author) so I did offer a little advice on the basic design thought, but let me tell ya… they took a little thought of mine and went places with it!

Here’s what the wall in their early 1900’s house looked like before they did anything:
Kitchen remodel, shallow shelves to on-wall pot rack by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

It’s a little hard to make out in the picture, but behind the glass doors are super shallow glass shelves.

In fact, they were about 4″ deep…

Perfect if you have a salt and pepper shaker collection, or some really small item you want to display.

DIY pot and lid storage mounted on wall by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

My son and his wife, however, didn’t want to waste precious space in this small kitchen if they could help it. So they removed the doors, the glass shelves and the hardware holding the shelves.

Then they filled the screw holes in the cabinet parts that were left on the wall with wall filler.

Once that was dry, they primed the entire frame of the cabinet sides that would be exposed, (not the back because they had a beadboard plan for that) and once the primer was dry… they painted the frame white.

Beadboard transforms narrow shelves into open storage for pots and lids by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

They measured the opening of the backs and went to the hardware store to get some super thin beadboard.

This beadboard they used, came prepackaged and pre-primed. It is a tongue and groove type of product, made of a thin pressed board material that was about 6″ wide per strip. That made the project a little easier considering they didn’t have much for wood working tools, and the pressed board cut easily with a jigsaw and razor knife… and simple sandpaper smoothed the rough edges nicely.

Then they glued the backs of the beadboard strips to the inside back of the existing cabinets, piece by piece, using construction adhesive in a caulk tube and gun.

Once the beadboard was all installed, they painted it this light gray color.

Then it was time for hardware:
Pot and lid storage on the wall, open shelving kitchen remodel by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

Again, from Home Depot, the simple hooks were perfect for the holes in the pot handles to fit in.

Then for the pot lids, they came up with this ingenious plan…

A trip through the plumbing department:

Ingenious pot lid storage using copper plumbing pipes in open shelving kitchen redo by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

Using simple copper pipes, fittings and plumbing brackets, they created a slot to slide the lids down in and rest against.

How to keep kiitchen cookware organized, a diy project by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

To get the copper to be a nice dark finish, I had some old tarnishing solvent in my paint stash from about 20 years ago… after a few wipes of that, ta-da! dark brown!

All their pans fit wonderfully on the wall mounted pot rack with a beautiful beadboard back to accent the room with.

DIY kitchen remodel with cookware storage built onto the wall by Simple Decorating Tips featured on @Remodelaholic

My son and daughter in law did this project about 5 years ago, and it was less than $100 to do the whole project. They have just sold that house and are now moving into a mid 70’s house that they will be renovating with an open style feel… (walls are coming down!)

It’d be fun to have you to stop by my site and check out some other pot racks I’ve designed and installed, (one has brick involved!) The Potrack in Our 100 Year Old House, and The Potrack in our Former House.

And I’d be thrilled to have you follow along with me on my decorating blog, as I share my experiences renovating our 100 year old house, decorate a coastal cottage in Maine, and work on a few other projects, like my son and daughter in law’s new 1970’s house project! I even have a little travel thrown in here and there.

Thanks for sharing, Liz! Such a smart idea!

Remodelaholics, be sure to visit to see more from Liz — you won’t want to miss her farmhouse style kitchen before and after!

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