Loads of Laundry: A Laundry Room Makeover, Stunning Looks and Upping the Sorting Game

October 14, 2018 Week 2

Hello Remodelaholics!  Since adding a new babe to the mix, laundry has been a doozy! I am having a hard time keeping up with it all (plus getting in all the cuddle time I can with our little man). I imagine it never gets easier because the cuddles are soon replaced with practices, rehersals, games or recitals. It’s always something right? I found some beautiful laundry rooms, a great way to sort, and some laundry tips to share! Even if you are a pro at the laundry game and never get behind, you should check out these pretty rooms we found, they are fabulous!


What’s New

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What’s New on YouTube

If you are looking for some decor ideas, check out the Halloween Dollar Store Haul and DIY Hacks that Cassity put together! This is seriously such a fun video to watch as she puts together her October mantel. I love her theme and the final look! Click the video below to check it out!

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Remodelaholic Spotlights

If you follow us on Facebook, chances are that you have seen our Reader Questions. When members of the Remodelaholic community write in for advice on their projects. We love seeing the suggestions from other community members, and we love when Dawn from AD Aesthetic puts together some real life looks! Check our her latest Real Life Rooms: Basic Laundry Room Makeover to Add Storage and Character. You’ll see how she provides amazing ideas with her real life mock ups and check out the inspiration.

Real Life Rooms: Basic Laundry Room Makeover to Add Storage and Chracter

Laundry Room Makeover


 I found this fabulous Laundry Room Makeover With Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags from Bonnie, The Pin Junkie and loved the bag idea! Easy sorting means the little ones can help more right? Check out her full room makeover by clicking the photo below!

Laundry Room Makeover With Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags

Laundry Room Makeover With Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags The Pin Junkie Featured On Remodelaholic

Oh my goodness! I totally believe laundry would be fun if I had some of these amazing rooms! Check out this great post, Laundry is Fun! 100 Great Laundry Room Ideas put together by Cassity. And two washers and dryers? Why didn’t I think of this? I am smitten over this room! Click below to see the rest!

Laundry is Fun! 100 Great Laundry Room Ideas

Double Laundry Room With Folding Island Fabulous Laundry Room Design Ideas From @Remodelaholic 100 Of 103

A little something to keep us all going… 5 Tips to Make Doing Laundry Less of A Chore! How do you guys stay on top of it? Please give me all your tips and advice!

5 Tips to Make Doing Laundry Less of A Chore

Laundry With Built In Wrapping Station Above

Are you planning a facelift! Tell us which room, or send us a photo! We would love to help brainstorm ideas! We hope you have a wonderful week!

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DSC 4730 Min

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MG 5183

Laundry Is Child’s Play!!
Oxiclean Messes Smaller

How to Hang Pegboard For Perfect Laundry Room Storage

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