Laundry Room Makeover with Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags

Laundry rooms are such workhorses of the home. Day in and day out, we use our laundry rooms (or closets, or corners), often with little thought to design or even sometimes to organizing! I mean, if you’re like me, you try to think of the laundry as little as possible… But, no matter how much we detest the laundry chore, we love pretty and organized laundry rooms, and we have featured oodles of them! Our guest today made over her walk-through laundry room and added these awesome hanging laundry bags to help things stay organized:

Laundry Room Makeover with Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags, The Pin Junkie featured on #laundryroom #organize #smallspaces

Every laundry room has its own quirks, so getting organized and making it pretty means getting creative! (Scroll down to see how  our guest, Bonnie, got creative with her laundry room.) Some of our favorite ideas for organizing and decorating the laundry room include

this DIY laundry room locker shared by Emerald Cove,

DIY laundry room storage locker, Emerald Cove on Remodelaholic

this reorganized and herringbone painted laundry room makeover shared by Design Build Love,
herringbone painted and organized laundry room makeover, Design Build Love on Remodelaholic

this DIY laundry basket pedestal shared by Show & Telllaundry room remodel with storage pedestal for washer and dryer, Show and Tell on Remodelaholic

and this ladder turned laundry drying rack, shared by Little Lucy Lu
old ladder as hanging laundry organizer, Little Lucy Lu on Remodelaholic

Looking for more ideas? Check out our 13 favorite organized and storage-packed laundry rooms and our collection of nearly 40 ideas for those small and awkward laundry spaces. And now, I’ll turn you over to Bonnie so she can show you how she updated her laundry room.

Laundry Room Makeover with Hanging Laundry Bags
by Bonnie, The Pin Junkie

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Laundry Room Makeover with Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags, The Pin Junkie featured on #laundryroom #organize #smallspaces

Hi, I’m Bonnie and I have a passion for pinning!  I write about the home improvement projects, crafts and recipes I do that are inspired by pins on Pinterest.   Once I discovered Pinterest, I was instantly addicted and as a compulsive list maker, I’ve collected thousands of ideas on my Pinterest boards. I quickly realized that I didn’t want my boards to be a collection of pretty pictures and wishful thinking. I wanted my boards to be true inspiration boards that inspired doing and creating.  Once I started making things, I wanted to share my creations with everyone and my blog The Pin Junkie was born!  Although my blog is about doing Pinterest projects, it’s also about trying new things.  I hope readers of my blog will be inspired to tackle their own pins, projects, and items on their to-do lists and wish lists, no matter how big or small those items may be.
Some of my very favorite projects I’ve done include a bathroom makeover that went

from this . . .                                                to this!

bathroom makeover before, The Pin Junkie featured on bathroom makeover after, The Pin Junkie featured on

I’ve also made a planter box made from scrap wood

planter box from scrap wood, The Pin Junkie featured on
diy welcome post, The Pin Junkie featured on
Before the makeover, this laundry room was very utilitarian.  There wasn’t anything pretty about this space at all.  It’s also a very small room that has three doors.  One to the kitchen and dining room, one to the garage, and a door opens to the side yard.  The door to the yard had a huge pet door, was old and leaky and let in cold air during the winter.
messy laundry room before, The Pin Junkie featured on
With no storage in such a small space, laundry day was often a mess.
messy laundry room before, The Pin Junkie featured on

 The previous owner of the house had a dog that damaged the trim around one of the doors.

damaged trim in the laundry room, The Pin Junkie featured on
The door to the garage hit the wall behind it when it was opened and put a hole in the drywall.  Also the door knobs were gold and ugly!

dented wall in the laundry room, The Pin Junkie featured on

 So my husband and I rolled up our sleeves and got busy.  The first thing we did was to buy a new door to replace the old leaky one.  We had someone install the door for us and we did everything else ourselves.

We removed and replaced the damaged trim around the door.

replacing door trim - laundry room makeover, The Pin Junkie featured on
That was a big improvement!
trim before and after - laundry room makeover, , The Pin Junkie featured on

Then we added bead board and trim to those plain walls.

beadboard wainscoting laundry room makeover, The Pin Junkie featured on

And painted.

painted beadboard wainscoting in the laundry room makeover, The Pin Junkie featured on
I painted the trim and bead board with the existing off-white color, but didn’t like it because the off-white color looked dirty and dingy to me.  There just wasn’t enough contrast between the beige and the off-white. So even though I have a decent paint job in the above picture, I decided to change the color of the bead board to a crisp white.  I have to laugh to myself whenever someone says that painting is an inexpensive way to change the look of a room since I’ve never correctly chosen the right paint color the first time around EVER!
I had a heck of a time trying to get the white paint to go on smoothly.  This is usually the part of the project where I get frustrated, have a hissy fit, and don’t finish the project. Instead, I went online and found the solution.  It’s called Floetrol and it’s wonderful stuff. (Remodelaholic note: you can check it out and purchase Floetrol here.)
use Floetrol to paint latex paint without brushstrokes, The Pin Junkie featured on

Just add this to the paint and it extends the drying time of latex paint.  Latex paint dries quickly which is why brush strokes show.  This really helps latex paint go on smoothly with no brush strokes.

Once the bead board was installed and the paint was dry, it was time to add some hooks to hold the laundry bags.  I purchased the laundry bags at (Remodelaholic note: find them here) and added my own labels with iron on transfers.

laundry room with personalized hanging laundry bags, The Pin Junkie featured on

I also gave the door knobs an update by spraying them with Rust-Oleum metallic paint, another idea I discovered on Pinterest!

update laundry room door knobs with spray paint, The Pin Junkie featured on

I just put the door knobs on some cardboard and sprayed them outside.  The paint dries really quickly.  These door knobs get a lot of use.  People are constantly going in and out of this room to go outside or to go the garage.  The paint has held up very well and this is a great temporary solution while you’re saving up for pricey new hardware.

update laundry room door knobs with metallic spray paint, The Pin Junkie featured on

 I first saw these three dimensional flowers a few years ago while visiting my sister-in-law.  She had a set in her guest bedroom and I promised myself I’d find a way to use them in my home.  I got these three dimensional flowers from Amazon along with the laundry bags. (Remodelaholic note: find the 3D flowers here, in 4 colors.)

3D wall flowers in the laundry room, The Pin Junkie featured on Remodelaholic,com

They look really pretty over the doors and go nicely with the white trim.

umbra 3D wall flowers in laundry room, The Pin Junkie featured on

The laundry room was starting to look better, but it still needed something.  I wanted to add something to the big blank wall over the laundry bags, but I felt like anything I hung there would be in the way with all those doors opening and closing.

laundry room makeover, The Pin Junkie featured on

I found this cute vinyl decal and knew it would be perfect for my laundry room.  It was quick and easy to apply to the wall and looks like it was painted on.

laundry room makeover with vinyl decal, The Pin Junkie featured on

Laundry Room Makeover with Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags, The Pin Junkie featured on
It took a lot of planning and a couple of weekends of work to finish this laundry room makeover, but it was worth it!  Clothes are kept off the floor and the room is so much prettier now!  We were able to do this project for just under $500.  The most expensive part of the project was the cost of the new door and having it installed.
laundry room makeover before, The Pin Junkie featured on Laundry Room Makeover with Personalized Hanging Laundry Bags, The Pin Junkie featured on

Products I used:

  • I used Valspar Signature paint from Lowe’s for both colors.
    • The beige on the wall is Waverly Home Classics Natural WV3700.
    • The white on the bead board and trim is Bistro White 7006-4.
  • The laundry bags and wall flowers were purchased on
  • The vinyl decal is from Icon Wall
Thanks for sharing, Bonnie! It’s amazing what a few small and inexpensive updates can do for a room. 
Go visit Bonnie at The Pin Junkie and see what else she’s been pinning and doing!
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  1. This laundry room transformation is beautiful! I love the beadboard and the idea of hanging those laundry bags. What a perfect solution! I also agree about the paint comment…I have had several occasions where I painted and repainted a different color too!

  2. Nice job! Would you be able to share where you got the hooks to mount the laundry bags to the wall? Did those come with the bags?