Simple Countertop Towel Ladder and Utensil Organizer

In every kitchen the countertop space is valuable real estate! Recently friend of mine suggested a play on the well known quilt ladder, but for hand towels. This idea solved a problem for me. We used to have a dish washer with a front handle, and that is where we kept our towels to dry our hands. Until now we have been walking to the oven to dry our hands. This results in water drops all over my floor courtesy of my darling kiddos! I am hoping this solves that particular problem. I also needed a utensil holder by my stove so I twisted the idea a little to create a matching set!

Remodelaholic Ladders Final Photos (18)

I hope you enjoy these simple countertop ladders for your hand towels, utensils, and spices!

DIY Countertop Towel Ladder and Utensil Holder Tutorial

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How To Build A Countertop Ladder For Hand Towels, Utensil, Spices | Easy colorful and chic kitchen organizing idea! #remodelaholic


  • 8′    1×2 pine board
  • Wood glue
  • Enamel spray paint


  • Miter saw
  • Table saw
  • Sander
  • Clamps
  • Masking tape

How to Build a Countertop Towel Ladder

How To Build A DIY Countertop Towel Ladder, Like A Mini Blanket Ladder To Hold Hand Towels In The Kitchen Or Bath #remodelaholic

Cut List: Towel Ladder

Set miter saw to 15 degree angle, and cut 2 at 17 5/16″

Ladder Utensil Holder (3)


Using the cut end from the last cuts measure 4 1/2″ from the long end of the angle. Then make a straight cut. Then adjust the saw to 15 degrees again, and cut the send piece 4 1/2″. You need two of this piece.

Ladder Utensil Holder (5)

Cut 3 pieces at 7″ with the saw set at zero.

Ladder Utensil Holder (4)

Assembly: Towel Ladder

Step 1:

Glue the 17 5/16″ piece to the 4 1/2″ piece as show for both side of the ladder.

Ladder Utensil Holder (6)

If you don’t have clamps that work for angles pieces, you can clamp them like this. Just tighten the clamp enough to hold them in place. If you adjust them too tightly the pieces will start to slip.



Step 2:

Mark each side of the ladder for the rungs. One at 11 5/8″ and one at 4 1/4″.

Ladder Utensil Holder (7)

I laid the ladder on it’s side to clamp the pieces together.


Step 3:

Once the glue has set, line up the other side of the ladder with the rungs.

Ladder Utensil Holder (8)

Glue and clamp into place.


How to Build a Countertop Ladder to Organize Utensils and Spices

Building Plan: DIY Countertop Utensil Organizing Ladder For Kitchen Utensils Measuring Spoons And Spices #remodelaholic

Cuts: Utensil Ladder

Use same as for Towel Ladder

Cut 2 Sides @ 17 5/16″

Cut 2 bottoms for the sides @ 4 1/2″

Cut 3 @ 7″

New cuts

Cut 2 additional @ 7″

Cut 1 @ 2 3/8″Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (8)

Set table saw to rip down to 3/4″

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (1)

Rip down one of the 7″ pieces

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (2)

Then rip down the leftover piece of 1×2 to 3/4″ and then cut as follows:

1 at 2 3/8″

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (3)

Cut 2 at 3 3/8″ one end is a straight cut, the other at 15 degrees.

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (4)

Assembly: Utensil Ladder

Complete Steps 1 & 2 as described for the Towel ladder.

Ladder Utensil Holder (7)

Step 3

Assemble the bottom pieces for the utensil holders. Glue the remaining 7″ piece with the 2 3/8″ piece centered.Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (7)

Step 4

Glue into place with the assembled side and rungs.

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (9)

I like to clamp to my table to keep the pieces stable.



Step 5

Glue the remaining side to the assembled pieces. Clamp until glue sets.

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (10)

Step 6

Glue 3/4″  pieces together as shown. With the angled pieces on the outside, and the straight cut centered.

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (6)

Step 7

Glue to assembled pieces.

Remodelaholic Utensil Ladder (11)

Clamp into place. This was a tricky step. Adjust the clamp until you feel like it is secure.



I wanted to go with a two tone finish. So I painted one side of each ladder pink.


Then I taped off the pink areas.


Finally I sprayed the remaining sides orange. This had to be done in stages in order to paint all of the nooks and crannies on each ladder!


I just love the moment when you peel off the tape!


It’s so fun to see the results!


I hope you enjoyed this project, and that you are able to utilize your counter space with these cute ladders!

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  1. I love the idea! I just don’t have the tools but will try if I could get some the soonest.By the way, wanna ask if how many ladders did you put to yoour counter top?